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Florent Nduwayezu
Florent brings forth a wealth of diverse experiences, commencing with his academic pursuit of a degree in Actuarial Science at Strathmore University, Kenya. Transitioning thereafter into the realm of management consulting, he provided comprehensive support to numerous enterprises across the African continent, facilitating their endeavors towards investment readiness, capital acquisition, and astute business strategy formulation. Undeterred by past accomplishments, Florent proceeded to engage with an investment fund concentrated on East Africa, where he ardently advocated for the advancement of businesses along their growth trajectories. His fervor is deeply rooted in the cultivation of the African business landscape, aiming to foster an environment conducive to the flourishing of private enterprises. Now, as a member of the BESTSELLER Foundation, Florent is poised to empower nascent businesses through the infusion of capital and the provision of strategic guidance, facilitating their transition from early-stage ventures to the subsequent echelon of growth and development. Florent also dedicates his free time to engaging in angel investments, further demonstrating his commitment to supporting and nurturing budding ventures beyond his professional responsibilities.
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