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Tel Aviv
Hillary Katz
Hila-Hillary Katz is driven by a fervent commitment to catalyzing positive change in every role and endeavor. Currently, she works in Sales Development at ReturnGO, a startup dedicated to fostering sustainability in the retail and e-commerce sectors. Before this, Hila-Hillary worked in the investment team at Good Company VC, an early-stage impact fund, where she identified promising social and environmental startups and facilitated community-building events with multinational corporations. Her journey in impact investment began with an associate role in a large British foundation's impact fund and continued with working in a government-led fund backing early-stage tech startups. Hila-Hillary also had a pivotal role in IFIE, a member of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), leading cross-sector collaboration and local to global initiatives designed to expand impact investing and ESG practices across Private, Government, and Social sectors. Beyond her professional pursuits, Hila-Hillary is passionate about sharing insights into career development through her podcast and creating engaging content.
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