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LatAm's 40+ Top Climate VCs to Know
From Principals to Partners and Former Founders

Climate change is taking on a multitude of forms across Latin America. 

Drought, flooding, heatwaves, water shortages, biodiversity loss and deforestation are disrupting communities and ecosystems across the region.

As the impact of climate change hits the region, it’s no surprise that Climate adaptation and mitigation technologies are on the rise in Latin America.

And are predicted to become one of the most liquid VC investment categories in the coming years.

Yet not enough funding is heading their way. Latin America and Africa (combined) receive only 4% of all climate funding, according to Latitud

Introducing 40+ LatAm VCs closing the LatAm finance gap in ClimateTech across:

⚡️ Renewable energy
🏍 Electric transportation
💦 Flood/drought mitigation
🌾 Climate-smart agriculture
🌴 Biodiversity and reforestation
💨 Carbon capture and sequestration 


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Ignacio Peña, AIR Capital. An entrepreneur, strategic advisor and innovation activist, now Co-Founder at AIR Capital empowering disruptive entrepreneurs. Portfolio includes: Branch Energy, OutPost, Stämm

Juan Manuel Giner Gonzalez, Alaya Capital. Following 20 years of corporate experience, he is a Partner at Alaya Capital, investing in the next generation of Latin American digital entrepreneurs who will impact the world. Portfolio includes: Kilimo, Moova, Aquabyte

Ruben Altman, Antom.la. A serial founder turned investor at Antom. A fund that invests in Latin American companies that aim to provide sustainable solutions for agriculture, food and land use change. Portfolio includes: Huiro, Kilimo, Ruuts

Daniel Salvucci, Draper Cygnus. A pre-seed to Series A VC fund investing in deep tech and decentralisation. Portfolio includes: GBM, Satellogic, Splight 

Bernardo Milesy, GLOCAL. Having worked 15+ years in commerce and finance, Bernardo combines his passion for management and leadership to help impact startups scale their business. Portfolio includes: b4waste, Done Properly, puna.bio

Matías Peire, GridX. The first biotech Company Builder in Latin America investing in scientific projects that want to turn their knowledge into an impact driven start-up. Portfolio includes: Geoprot, Nat4Bio, Radial

Marta Cruz, NXTP Ventures. One of the oldest VC firms in Latin America, investing in the region's early-stage startups. Portfolio includes: Agrofy, Auravant, Kilimo 

Francisco Buchara, SF500. A company builder on mission is to increase the number of biotechnology companies in the Latin American ecosystem by building, investing and accelerating 500 scientific teams that are working to address global challenges in food, carbon neutrality, health and materials. 

Tomás Peña and Camila Petignat, The Yield Lab LATAM. Two entrepreneurs-turned-investors backing high impact companies in the Latin American AgriFoodTech sector. Portfolio includes: Botanical Solution, Eiwa, MicroTerra


José Tomé, AgTech Garage. A chemical engineer with strong business acumen and a background in R&D, he is Co-Founder and CEO of the largest agribusiness open innovation hub in Brazil.

Flavio Zaclis, Barn Investments. Barn is a greentech investment leader in Latin America, with 10+ portfolio companies within the verticals of Agri & Land Use, Circular Economy, Renewable Energy and Logistics. Also, Flavio Zaclis is Barn's founder. Portfolio includes: Agrolend, Grão Direto, Nextron, Rúmina

Julio Vasconcellos, Atlantico. A former CEO, Founder and Founding Partner, Julio and his team of early stage VC investors back bold founders seeking to define a better future in Latin America and beyond. Portfolio includes: XpertSea

Julia Salles, Kaszek. Partnering with extraordinary technology founders to build lasting, high-impact technology-based companies whose main focus is Latin America. Portfolio includes: Liv Up, NotCo, Olga Ri

Alexandre Icaza, Lifely VC. By focusing on ClimateTech, a high-growth and disruptive sector, Lifely is supporting sustainable businesses towards a more sustainable and inclusive supply chain. Portfolio includes: Bucha Bio, Hyfé, MYCL Mycotech Lab

Antonio Moreira Salles, Mandi Ventures. Stanford Graduate, now Co-Founder and General Partner accelerating disruptive technologies in food and agriculture. Portfolio includes: Les Miraculeux, Multus Media, Tarken

Fábio Kestenbaum, Positive Ventures. Fabio is a Founding Partner at Positive Ventures, an emerging impact investing powerhouse, with assets towering $1B+. Portfolio includes: Eureciclo, Pachama, Ruuf

Denis Pedreira, Prosus Ventures. Denis is Head of LatAm investments at the Venture venture investing arm of Prosus, backing companies that empower people and enrich communities. Portfolio includes: Neara, Oxford Ionics, The Every Co   

Hayden Simmons, RaliCap. Doubling down on Brazil, RaliCap is an emerging market fintech and climate fund, and collective to empower top-tier founders. Portfolio includes: Amini, Circadian, Solfium  

Alejandro González, Reedwood Ventures. An Investment Banker, Financial Analyst and Venture Capitalist backing outstanding founders to shape the future. Portfolio includes: Domotics, Genius Foods, Velozbio

Guilherme Penna, Silence VC. An early-stage ClimateTech investor, focusing on the US and Latin America with previous experience across M&A, Private Equity, and strategy consulting. Portfolio includes: Musa, Nido, Runwise

Francisco Jardim, SP Ventures. Francisco has led more than 34 investments and served on more than 20 boards of directors in the agrifood sector. SP Ventures backs the people daring to reinvent the AgriFood value chain. Portfolio includes: InCeres, Moss, Pink Farms

Livia Brando, VOX Capital. Livia is the Venture Capital Director at VOX Capital, the first certified impact investing fund in Brazil. Portfolio includes: Seedz


Eugenio Cantuarias, AceleraLatam. A startup accelerator and VC, focused on improving performance of early-stage startups, using a business development centered approach, their experience, network and funding to ignite their clients.

Gonzalo Perez-Taiman, Arpegio. Developing and strengthening a tight network of industry leaders, in Latin America and around the world, who are working in food, agriculture and related fields. Portfolio includes: Apparta, Save Fruit, Yema

Catalina Gaueca Carrillo, ChileGlobal Ventures. ChileGlobal Ventures supports world-class entrepreneurs working on innovative and disruptive solutions in impact industries from Chile to the world. Portfolio includes: Accion Circular, Fresh Water, Suncast

Nathan Lustig, Magma Partners. A serial founder, author of Startup Chile 101 and now Managing Partner at Magma Partners, a seed stage VC fund based in Latin America, USA and China. Portfolio includes: Compound Foods, Urbint, Somos

Santiago Caniggia Bengolea, Mountain Partners Chile. Experienced in VC, start up, legal and consultancy services industries. Mountain Partners Chile backs entrepreneurs creating a better world through sustainable technology and green solutions. Portfolio includes: Driv.in

Maria de los Angeles Romo and Pascal Farcas, SQM Lithium Ventures. CVC fund investing in startups related to electromobility, lithium, and water. Portfolio includes: Electric Era Technologies, Altilium Metals

Hadrien le Hodey, Water Lemon Ventures. Hadrien is an entrepreneur and investor bringing value to early-stage companies willing to set up the proper process to grow, establish a long-term vision, and prepare their organisation for a funding round. Portfolio includes: Brightseed, Verdant Robotics, Ynsect

Francisco Schuler Bravo, Wayra Hispam. As the corporate investment and open innovation arm of Telefónica in 10 countries around the world, Wayra Hispam leads digital startups to grow rapidly, attract investment and open new markets. Portfolio includes: Chazki, Climo, Less

Pablo Fernandez, Zentynel. Creating a new generation of science and business funds to address the world’s greatest health and food challenges by specializing in life science companies with high growth potential. Portfolio includes: Harmony, MicroTerra


Sebastian Buenaventura and Ryan Nesbitt, Flori Ventures. An impact seed-stage fund investing in top entrepreneurs in Latam and Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on building the future financial system and solutions for the Climate crisis. Portfolio includes: Carbon Path, Plastiks, Unergy

Adriana Suarez Pardo, MatterScale Ventures. Adriana and her team have built a network of 90 entrepreneurs from 52 startups including the top performing entrepreneurs in the country. Portfolio includes: Rappi, Merqueo, Robin Food


Jimena Pardo, ALLVP. A founder, growth manager and board member to 5 startups, Jimena and the tram back formidable founders solving Latin America’s hardest problems with AI. Portfolio includes: Enlight, RobinFood

Anna Raptis, Amplifica Capital. Anna is the founding and managing partner of Amplifica Capital, investing to increase economic participation and opportunities for women in Latin America. Portfolio includes: Agtools, Aquacultured Foods, Kolors

Gabriel Estrada Escalante, Dalus Capital. Experienced deal maker in VC and M&A across Fintech, ClimateTech, SaaS and Marketplaces. Portfolio includes: Algramo, Energryn, NCX

Andrea Araneda, FEN Ventures. An early-stage impact technology VC firm partnering with the best entrepreneurs from Seed to Series A in LatAm. Portfolio includes: Andes, Spora BioTech, The Live Green Co

Jonathan Lewy, Investo. Former founder with a startup acquired by JustEat. Investo is an investment firm backing early stage startups with a team across 7 countries in Latin America. Portfolio includes: C16 Biosciences,Skyways, Solugen

Hector Sepulveda, Nazca. A serial entrepreneur with two successful exits, he is empowering the best leaders in Mexico and across LatAm to thrive. Portfolio includes: Bia, CoreZero, Entocycle

José Rodolpho Bernardoni, Outcast Capital. Jose is a serial founder-turned-investor on a mission to simplify access to capital for food startups using technology to overcome inefficiencies in the food system.

Fernando Lelo de Larrea, Rumbo Ventures. With 15 startups in its portfolio, Rumbo Ventures has built a community called "Latam Path to Net Zero" and is becoming a hub for LatAm founders that want to enter the European market as well. Portfolio includes: CoreZero, Nido, Parallel Carbon

Andreas Baehr, Savia Ventures. Impact investing VC firm, seeking to capitalize on the huge market opportunity in LatAm´s ClimateTech startup sector. Portfolio includes: Strong by Form, Ruedata, Solfium

Beatriz Gonzalez, Seaya Cathay LatAm. A multi-sector fund for purpose-driven entrepreneurs by Seaya and Cathay Innovation. Seaya’s portfolio includes: 011h, Biome Makers, Rated Power

Luis Gerardo Carvajal Fernandez, Siemens Energy Ventures. Luis is a Sustainability Operations Specialist and Venture Building Analyst at Siemens Energy who is passionate about connecting the dots, finding synergies and creating opportunities for collaboration between people and sectors to achieve positive change in the world. Investment themes at Siemens Energy Ventures include: Energy Storage, Power-to-X, Resilient Grids & Stability, Decarbonized Heat & Industrial Processes, Condition-Based Service Interventions

Consuelo Valverde, SV Latam. Backing early-stage founders building creative solutions to global problems across Climate and Health. Portfolio includes: BioSolutions, Minus Coffee, SkyAlert 

Elsa Trevino, Toro Ventures. An experienced Managing Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry,  investing in tech startups at Toro Ventures. Portfolio includes: Wright Electric

Patricia Desentis, 500 LatAm. Sharing her expertise in strategy, finance and operations, Patricia and the team back talented entrepreneurs and help them create successful companies at scale. Portfolio includes: Agrapp, Grillo, SmartFarmr


Lucia Montalvo Castro, Salkantay VC. Investing and empowering entrepreneurs with the capital and tools to generate a positive and measurable impact with a healthy financial return. Portfolio includes: Aerialloop, Kilimo, Cultivo


Juan Pablo Garavaglia, ARCHECompany. With over 20 years of experience in the industrial technology field, Juan Pablo is the Founder and President of ARCHECompany, investing in deep tech early stage startups across the energy and climate sectors in Latin America. 

Hernan Haro, MrPink VC. An entrepreneur and advisor, passionate about innovation and technology. Their seed fund is designed to invest in unproven, brilliant founders in Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Chile. Portfolio includes: Manzana verde, Nutri Co

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Europe's 50+ Top Climate VC's To Know
From the Associates and Analysts to the Emerging Managers

We asked LinkedIn who were the people in Climate venture to know. 250+ comments later, we realised this list was too much for one article.

From the associates and analysts who are championing climate tech inside of generalist funds, to the emerging impact managers who are all in on Climate - these are the 50+ Climate VC's of Europe that you should know.

This list is not comprehensive, If there's someone we missed, just add their name here.


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🇩🇪 Germany

Christian Guba, FoodLabs. Biotech VC at FoodLabs after stints in tech, venture building, and product management. Portfolio inc. MicroHarvest, Bosque Foods, Bright Biotech.

Lauren Lentz, Revent. Former Scientist, served as Advisor at Foundamental, studied at Yale, Harvard, and Oxford, and started her career at McKinsey. Portfolio inc. one • fıve, Granular, electricity map.

Jessica Burley, Planet A Ventures. Studied Politics and International Relations at Cambridge, worked as a Climate Venture Researcher for the United Nations and developed her interest by working at a pre-seed sustainability startup, before joining Planet A. Portfolio inc. Project Upright, Landbanking Group, Dovetail.

Nadine Geiser, Redalpine, Studied biotechnology in Munich and Singapore before completing a PhD at ETH Zurich. Portfolio inc. Formo, Better Dairy, MushLabs.

Maximilian A. Bade, Nucleus Capital. Looking to partner with purpose-driven founders in synthetic & computational biology, food & climate-tech at pre/seed stage. Portfolio inc. Planet A Foods, Ucaneo, Root Global.

Melina Sánchez Montañés, AENU. Principal investor and VP Impact, covering Food & Ag. Portfolio inc. airly, Patch, Heirloom.

Aline Vedder, Lakestar. Formerly at Ananda Impact Ventures, Acton Capital and Rocket Internet, Aline now represents the firms Climate and Health focus. Portfolio inc. Aware and Minimum.

Yoann Berno, Climentum Capital. "Started as a software engineer in Chicago, joined a hyper-growth startup in San Francisco, launched a cleantech business in Kenya, then became a VC investor in Berlin". Portfolio inc. Entocycle, Wayout, Qvantum

Juan Bautista Pinilla, BlueYard Capital. BlueYard invests in founders with transforming ideas that decentralize markets and empower humanity. Portfolio inc. Meatable, Positive Food Co., Marvel Fusion

Marie Asano, ECBF. Growth-stage venture capital fund dedicated to growth-stage investments within the European Circular Bioeconomy. Portfolio inc. Nuritas, Aphea.Bio

Peter Schmetz, Vorwerk. An independent € 150m Venture Capital Fund grown out of the Vorwerk Group in late 2019 and defines itself through a strong commitment towards consumer-facing digital businesses. Portfolio inc. Better Dairy, Planted, alpakas.

Lena Brueggen from Be8. Berlin-based growth stage Venture Capital Fund and our core value is a strong commitment towards innovation throughout the entire food and beverage value chain. Portfolio in. New Culture, Melt&Marble, Michroma.

Marieke Gehres, Earlybird Venture Capital. Focuses on European technology companies. Portfolio inc. GOURMEY, Marvel Fusion

Friedrich A. Neuman, Urban Impact Capital. "Serial entrepreneur with 17 years of company building experience. Co-founded 4 startups and acted as a founding investor in another 6. Now hands-on early stage impact investor." Portfolio inc. Carbo Culture, ostrom, ecoLocked

Manon Sarah Littek, Green Generation Fund. The Green Generation Fund invests in disruptive technologies at seed stages to enable breakthroughs in Food Tech and Green Tech. Portfolio inc. Change Foods, Lypid, one • fıve.

Lucille Bonnet, Klima Energy Transition. "Seasoned venture capital investor in the field of energy / cleantech, automation & IoT, as well as industrial technology start-ups (+11 years)". Portfolio inc. Mainspring, SunRoof, Meteomatics

Xavier Sarras, 4P CAPITAL. "We are operator investors and early backers of disruptive tech companies that empower people to make both conscious consumption and sustainable production a reality".Portfolio inc. Pina Earth, one • fıve, .planetly.

Crispin Leick, EnBW New Ventures. "The Venture Capital arm of EnBW. We invest in innovative strongly growing companies driving the energy, mobility and urban transformation through scalable business models". Portfolio inc. Cyclce, Easelink, Cleverciti

Charlotte Baumhauer, SquareOne. "Berlin based early-stage investor focussed on B2B Technology. Looking for founding teams in Europe solving complex tech problems, with a strong focus on Climate Tech solution". Portfolio inc. Circular Carbon Chemistry

Yair Reem, Extantia. "climate-first venture capital firm accelerating the path to a decarbonised world. We unite mission-driven entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and business leaders to advance the transition", Portfolio inc. RepAir, Leko Labs, Modern Electron

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Will Wells, firstminute capital. "Climate Tech Founder turned VC. My first start up, Hummingbird Technologies - an AI software platform to measure Regen Ag from space - recently exited to Agreena". Portfolio inc. Agreena, VitroLabs, ecolocked.

Andrew Shebbeare, Counteract. "Love solving complex problems to create new value. After 20 years in finance, technology and media I've set my sights on identifying and backing the next generation of negative emissions technology". Portfolio Inc. Agricarbon, InterEarth, Parallel Carbon.

Pippa Gawley, Zero Carbon Capital. Climate tech investor for early-stage businesses creating scientific innovations to address the biggest unsolved problems of climate change, focused on pre-seed and seed stage. Portfolio inc. Anaphite, Biozeroc, Multus Media.

Max Blanshard, 2150. PhD in Molecular and Synthetic biology from UCL and is an associate at 2150, investing in urban sustainability. Portfolio inc. Biomason, Leko Labs, Carbon Cure.

Helen Lin, At One Ventures. Investing in a world where humanity is a net positive to nature. Seeking innovative technologies that can upend the traditional industries contributing to climate change. Portfolio inc. Climax Foods, Iron Ox, Cruz Foam.

Clara Ricard, Transition Global. Stealth VC investing in early-stage tech startups, excited about climate and using tech for good.

Silje Merete, Energy Impact Partners. Venture capital and growth fund investing in companies advancing critical climate solutions. We help companies scale by leveraging our strategic partner coalition. Portfolio inc. Boston Metal, Ev Energy, Nitricity.

Jaume Ayats Soler, All Iron Ventures. "Invest in the early stages of European companies that aspire to reshape the future of both consumers and enterprises through technology". Portfolio inc. aplanet, sunhero

Ferdinando Sigona, LocalGlobe. Entrepreneur First, now Partner at LocalGlobe, "backing founders who ride 21st century waves in climate, health & finance". Portfolio inc. Shell Works, Infarm, Ontruck.

Clara Wat, Wi Venture. Investing in early stage companies in climate tech, with past experience in Sustainable Finance and impact investing. Portfolio inc. skyseed, Carbonfuture, Klim.

Madelene Larsson, Tommy Stadlen, Giant Ventures. "Backs purpose-driven technology founders solving the world’s biggest challenges across three themes in climate, health and inclusive capitalism". Portfolio inc. Synonym, Agreena, Waterplan

Mathew Munro, Octopus Ventures. Investing in Deep Tech startups at Octopus Ventures. Helping founders create the future of Rockets, Robotics, AI and Computing.

🇫🇷 France

Alison Imbert, Partech. "Love to invest in founders obsessed by building a new category leader. Love it even more when they want to have a positive impact on our society". Portfolio inc. Neoplants, GOURMEY, LaVie.

Namratha Kothapalli, Speedinvest. Trained computer scientist turned early-stage investor, focusing on deep tech and climate tech. Interested in solutions that can help with climate crisis mitigation and adaptation. Portfolio inc. Planetly, TIER, NeoCarbon

Mathieu Goudot at Circular Innovation Fund. "Global growth-stage venture capital fund led by Cycle Capital andDemeter, leading cleantech capital managers, focused exclusively on circular innovation, striving to positively contribute to climate change mitigation and the circular use of resources".

Guillaume Baxter, Sofinnova Partners. "We are a team believing we're at the dawn of a biology-driven era and doing our best to have a disproportionate impact in Industrial Biotechnologies for Food, Agriculture and Materials". Portfolio inc. EnginZyme, Biosyntia, Micropep.

Benjamin Tincq, Marble. "We partner with scientists, engineers and operators to solve hard climate problems, and create companies that slash emissions, remove carbon, and cool the planet".

Matthieu de Chanville, Shift4Good. Fund dedicated to Impact Investing in the smart mobility & circular economy sector. Portfolio inc. Eyelights, Compredict.

Lea Bajc, Blue Horizon. "Impact driven entrepreneur and investor that brings two decades of investing and operating experience." Portfolio inc. Atomo, Cultivated Biosciences, Mosa Meat

Nadja Bresous Mehigan, XAnge. "Passionnate about Carbon Markets, Nature Based Projects, Synbio, Climate Intelligence, Bio Materials". Portfolio inc. Pina Earth, Greenly

Xavier Lorphelin, Serena. "Decarbonizing the global economy will require changing and adapting all existing infrastructures and high-emission assets (energy, transportation, retail, agriculture and food, buildings, industries...). Climate tech will enable this unprecedented transformation." Portfolio inc. Electra, Pelico, Descartes Underwriting, Accenta

🇸🇪 Sweden

Sandra Malmberg, EQT Ventures. Ex food tech innovator/marketer/creative turned early stage VC investor at EQT Ventures. Focusing on food- and climate tech. Portfolio inc. Formo, Single.earth.

Erik Byrenius, Trellis Road. "Foodtech entrepreneur, exited to Delivery Hero in 2012. Now trying to help other startups, partly by building stuff for the ecosystem and partly by investing in high-impact foodtech founders", Portfolio inc. Arborea, microTERRA, Project Eaden.

Erika Hombert, HackCapital. My background in biotech and scale-up, particularly excited for technologies that sit on intersection of tech and bio. Portfolio inc. Arkeon Biotechnologies, MeliBio, Hyfe.

Tove Larsson, Norrsken VC. General Partner, wants to create a world that is optimised for both people and planet. Portfolio inc. Northvolt, ClimateView, Stockeld Dreamery.

Christine Ahlstrand, Course Corrected. Founder of Course Corrected, a climate focused VC fund. Portfolio Inc. Infarm, petfood, Globhe

Katja Bergman, BRIGHTLY Ventures. General Partner and co-founder at BRIGHTLY Ventures, an early-stage Nordic venture firm based in Stockholm. Portfolio inc. Yable, Fenik, Zevoy.

Lindsey Higgins, Pale Blue Dot. "More than 10 years experience in climate research and communications, transforming complicated information and data into useful and compelling content that drives decision-making". Portfolio inc. Climate X, Hier Foods, Monta.

🇪🇸 Spain

Alexis Caporale, World Fund. "background on engineering, energy and climate change. Trying to help on a low-carbon, climate-resilient, just, equal and inclusive transformation". Portfolio inc. Planet A Foods, treecard, FreshFlow.

Letizia Royo-Villanova, Plug and Play Tech Center. "Venture Capital analyst specialized in FinTech, also investing in Enterprise Tech and InsurTech. Passionate about Financial Inclusion, Developing Economies, and Climate". Portfolio inc Minimum, Sylvera, Helios.

Juan N., Zacua Ventures. Early stage global VC specialized in investing in the Built Environment sector. Portfolio inc. ecoworksecoworks

🇨🇭 Switzerland

Myke Näf, Übermorgen Ventures. Computer science engineer by education and the founder of Doodle, business angel since exit. Portfolio inc. Fermify, Ostrom, Carbo Culture.

Christina Ulardic, Astanor Ventures. Experienced impact investor, helping to build a sustainable and regenerative agri-food technology sector. Portfolio inc. MeliBio, Apeel, Modern Meadow.

Gina Domanig, Emerald. "Globally recognized investment and venture capital firm with a focus on cleantech. Before becoming an investor, Gina spent 10 years working at Sulzer as head of M&A". Portfolio inc. Believer Meats, XFarm Technologies, enocean

🇮🇱 Israel

Itamar Weizman, Firstime VC. "Promoting the Climate Revolution by funding Climate Tech companies at Firstime VC, publishing sustainable ideas at Radical Publishing House, and lecturing on Climate Studies at SCE College". Portfolio inc. growin, clarifruit, BeeHero.

Jack Levy, MoreVC. "Founding Partner, investing in pre-seed, seed and early-stage Israeli technology start-ups. Typically focuses on companies in the area of agritech, foodtech, mobility, fintech, insuretech and digital health". Portfolio inc. Carbon Blue, Imagindairy, Wanda Fish

🇵🇹 Portugal

Romain Diaz, Satgana. Climate Tech VC firm on a mission to invest in planet-positive startups building solutions to the climate and ecological crisis. Portfolio inc. Yeasty, Orbio Earth, Mazi Mobility.

Antonio Miguel, MSM. "MSM is an early-stage impact fund. We invest in brave founders solving the world’s biggest social and environmental challenges." Portfolio inc. bikesale, Ivy Protocol, Agroleague

🇳🇴 Norway

Nina Heir, Katapult. "We have invested in 115 companies from 35 countries that have all been through our accelerator programs". Portfolio inc. Distributed Energy, GreenChoice, Jiva Materials.

Kristin Aamodt at ArcTern Ventures. Venture capital firm obsessed with helping solve the climate crisis and rethinking sustainability. ArcTern invests globally in breakthrough technology companies solving climate change and sustainability. Portfolio inc. Mosa Meat, Terramera, Carbon America.

🇳🇱 Netherlands

Julia Padberg, SET Ventures. "Invests in digital technology for a carbon-free energy system by backing pioneering founders with capital, community, and insights". Portfolio inc. Frequenz, Elmodis, General Fusion

Janneke Niessen, CapitalT. "Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, board member and mentor for startups and co-founder of CapitalT, a VC fund that invests in technology companies using proprietary technology to evaluate entrepreneurial teams". Portfolio inc. Overstory, SojoKristen Rocca, UNOVIS. "Investing in purpose-driven entrepreneurs with a shared vision for a well-fed and sustainable world". Portfolio inc. Aleph Farms, Atlast, BlueNalu

🇱🇹 Lithuania

Rokas Peciulaitis, Contrarian Ventures. "In search of economic moats at the early stage in Climate tech across Europe and Israel". Portfolio inc. BeZero Carbon, PVcase, eliq.

🇮🇹 Italy

Stefano Bernardi, Unruly Capital. Solo GP, has been investing in startups for more than 10 years. Portfolio inc. Unicorn biotechnologies, Alga Biosciences, Renaissance Fusion

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Disclaimer: Several of the listed investors are also directly or indirectly invested in the authors company, HackCapital. This is not a reason why they were listed, they're simply just some of the best VC's who we also happen to work with.

US's 50+ Top Climate VC's To Know
From Industry Veterans to Former Founders turned VCs

This week we're going over the Atlantic to highlight the people you need to know across US Climate VC.

From the industry veterans that have spun up climate dedicated funds, to the ex-climate founders now championing climate tech inside of generalist funds - these are the 50+ Climate VC's in the US that you should know of.

This list is not comprehensive, If there's someone we missed, just add their name here.

Before jumping in:

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Sierra Peterson, Voyager Ventures. Former executive and policymaker, investing in early-stage climate technology companies decarbonizing the global economy and repairing the climate. Portfolio inc. Ento Labs, Lydian Labs, gigElev.

Tom McQuillen, ReGen Ventures. "Backing founders daring to restore our planet by reimagining the world from the atom up - across Food & Ag, Energy, Living, and Oceans". Portfolio inc. Pachama, Arkeon Biotechnologies, Aigen.

Clea Kolster at Lowercarbon Capital. Investing in climate solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions across heavy industry, transportation, food and ag, power, fuels and carbon removal; expert in carbon dioxide capture and removal technologies. Portfolio inc. Solugen, Mill, Living Carbon.

Roni Hiranand at GV. Previously leading food and ag investments at HK-based VC Vectr Ventures, Roni now works with Andy Wheeler on climate investments at GV. Portfolio inc. Urban Machines, Gravity, Beyond the Dome

Sophie Purdom, Climate Tech VC. Investing and supporting early-stage climate tech founders and their companies, writes a kick-ass newsletter with 35,000+ readers on climate and innovation. Portfolio inc. WeaveGrid.

Cody Simms, MCJ Collective. "Partner with MCJ Collective and co-host of the My Climate Journey podcast. He is also co-founder of Climate Changemakers, a 501(c)(4) climate-focused political action network; co-founder of Climate Draft, a platform to help professionals transition into climate-oriented work" Portfolio inc. Arcadia,Carbon Collective,Pachama

Jennifer Kan, PhD, Climate Capital Bio. Jenny is a Founding Partner at Climate Capital Bio. She is a protein engineer, tech entrepreneur, and backs early-stage founders building biotech climate solutions. Portfolio inc. Cambrium Bio, Circe Biosciences, Living Carbon

Sundeep Ahuja, Climate Capital. "3x founder-turned-investor who founded Climate Capital in 2018. He began working in climate in 2010 when he founded blissmo to introduce shoppers to sustainable products (acq by Garten)". Portfolio inc. Living Carbon, Colossal, Lumen Energy

Tomás Álvarez Belón, Collaborative Fund. Senior Associate at Collaborative Fund, with a focus on Decarbonization. Prior to joining Collab, Tomás co-founded Canopi, a Y Combinator-backed carbon accounting startup, and was a consultant at Bain & Company. Portfolio inc. AlgiKnit, MeliBio, Brimstone Energy.

Dan Fishman at Regeneration.VC. "Dan has launched and operated numerous companies within entertainment, apparel and consumer products and has been a leading investor in early stage environmentally-minded consumer businesses". Portfolio inc. CruzFoam, VitroLabs, CleanO2

Albert Wenger, Union Square Ventures. "Before joining USV, Albert was the president of del.icio.us through the company’s sale to Yahoo and an angel investor (Etsy, Tumblr). He previously founded or co-founded several companies, including a management consulting firm and an early-hosted data analytics company." Portfolio inc. Ostrom, Lithos Carbon, Brilliant Planet

Mike Jackson, Earthshot Ventures. "I have been an investor, entrepreneur, board member, and advisor to companies in the clean energy, food & agriculture, buildings, mobility, and public safety sectors throughout my entire career". Portfolio inc. Mootral, Planet FWD, Halo Car

Elliot Hershberg, Not Boring. "I am a Scientist and Engineer with wide-ranging experience applying cutting-edge technologies to challenging problems in the life sciences". Portfolio inc. Open Forest Protocol, WattCarbon

Eric Rubenstein, New Climate Ventures. "As Founding Managing Partner of New Climate Ventures, Eric’s investment focus is on carbon reduction and avoidance which includes but is not limited to food/ag tech, climate tech, and circular economy." Portfolio inc. Bucha Bio, Mantel, Protein Evolution.

Shayna Harris, Supply Change Capital. "Supply Change Capital catalyzes the changing face of food by making early stage investments across the supply chain in technology, sustainable ingredients, and high-integrity brands with cultural appeal". Portfolio inc. Compound Foods, Hyfe, 99 Counties

Brendan Wallace, Fifth Wall. "Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fifth Wall - the largest venture capital firm focused on technologies for the global real estate industry, including those which decarbonize the sector." Portfolio inc. Brimstone, Electric Hydrogen, Impulse Labs.

Beatriz Franco, Vita Ventures. Former lawyer turned Ag startup executive turned investor, Beatriz has been angel investing for 5+ years before leading the Food & AgTech fund at Portfolia and then starting her own VC. Portfolio inc, Melibio, TomTex, Hyfe

Amy Duffuor, Azolla Ventures. "Co-founder and General Partner at Azolla Ventures, where she invests in early-stage technology companies with transformative climate impact. Earlier in her career, Amy was a renewables and power investment banker at Bank of America." Portfolio inc. Carbon Reform, SiTration, Heaten

Andrew Gollach, SOSV / HAX. "Investment team at HAX and work closely with our portfolio of Deep Tech companies. I have an extensive technical background, having spent nearly 10 years in renewable fuels and traditional oil and gas industries as an engineer where I worked and lived in 9 different countries." Portfolio inc. Aeromutable, gaia, RockMass

Shayle Kann, Energy Impact Partners. "Shayle Kann is a Partner at Energy Impact Partners, a $2.5 billion+ venture capital firm backed by a coalition of the world’s largest energy and industrial companies. He leads EIP's Frontier Fund, dedicated to investing in revolutionary technologies to enable deep decarbonization." Portfolio inc. Form Energy, Electric Hydrogen, Nitricity.

Steven Molino at Clear Current Capital. Investing in early-stage US companies in the plant-based food, cultivated meat, and fermented food spaces, as well as other mission-aligned enterprises. Portfolio inc. Change Foods, BlueNalu, Umaro

Micah Kotch, Blackhorn Ventures. "Partnering with the world’s best entrepreneurs building digital infrastructure for industrial dynamism & decarbonization". Portfolio inc. Electric Era, RailVision, Datch

Kelly Chen, DCVC. "Enjoy working on problems arising from fundamental population and labor driven shifts. I am especially excited about teams building revolutionary tech in AI, robotics, manufacturing, logistics, sustainability, and future of work." Portfolio inc. Pivot Bio, Oklo, Twelve

Molly Wood, Launch. "Investor at Launch, leading our climate tech portfolio and searching for seed to series A startups working on solutions to the climate crisis. Co-host of This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis". Spring Eats, Clarity movement,SailPlan

Alex Roetter, Moxxie Ventures. "Managing director and general partner at Moxxie Ventures. Over the past 10+ years, I've invested in or advised over 50 companies including Mainstreet, Coinbase and Sauce Labs". Portfolio inc. Heirloom, Overstory

Mona El Naggar, Valo. Mission-driven venture capital firm focused on thematic investing across social, economic and environmental megatrends. Portfolio inc. Basecamp research, Boston Materials, Novoloop

Mira Inbar, ArcTern Ventures. "Mira started her career as an environmentalist in the mines of Africa. From there, she pivoted to big corporate, to the industries which had formed the bedrock of the carbon economy and spent over a decade in the chemical, utility, and oil & gas sectors where she built clean energy business lines". Portfolio inc. Carbon America, Mosa Meat, Emitwise

Alexandra Harbour, Prelude Ventures. "Alex joined Prelude Ventures as an Associate in 2020. Prior to Prelude, Alex was a founding employee and investor at Powerhouse, an innovation firm and venture fund backing software-enabled clean energy and mobility startups". Portfolio inc. Rumin8, Mill, Element Energy

Katie Rae, The Engine. A veteran tech innovator, entrepreneur, and investor, as its president and CEO and as managing partner of its first investment fund. venture capital firm launched by MIT that invests in early-stage companies. Portfolio inc. Form Energy, Hyfe, Osmoses.

Peter Sopher from Clean Energy Ventures. "Peter joined CEV as a Senior Associate in September 2019. His career has focused on global energy and environmental challenges using financial, economic, and policy approaches". Portfolio inc. Noon Energy, Carbon Upcycling Technologies, Travertine

Carolin Funk, Blue Bear Capital. Prior to Blue Bear, Carolin spent her career supporting renewable energy technology programs across government agencies, large corporations, and early-stage ventures. Portfolio inc. Return Protocol, The Demex Group, Abatable

Emily Kirsch, Powerhouse. "Founder and CEO of Powerhouse, Founder and Managing Partner of Powerhouse Ventures, and host of Watt It Takes". Portfolio inc. Carbon Collective, RenewaFi, Overstory

Dan Altschuler Malek, UNOVIS. Global investment firm that provides early-stage funding to entrepreneurs developing plant-based and cultured meat alternatives to foods derived from conventional animal agriculture. Portfolio inc. Tender Food, Plantish, NOVAMEAT

Christina Karapataki, Breakthrough Energy. Responsible for investing in innovative companies that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions - with a focus on electricity and manufacturing related technologies. Portfolio inc. H2Pro, Antora Energy, Mangrove Lithium

Bharat Vasan, The Production Board. "TPB is a permanent capital holding company that takes a system-level, science-led approach to solving fundamental problems that affect our planet and its inhabitants". Portfolio inc. Patter Ag, Cana Technology,Culture Biosciences.

Leonardo Banchik, Global Founders Capital "lead early-stage climate tech as a Partner at Global Founders Capital, Before VC, I was at McKinsey where I advised funds on sustainable investing and worked with green startups and incumbents on energy transition strategy". Portfolio inc. Lydian, Aigen, and Arbo

Kate Danaher, S2G Ventures. "Managing Director of S2G Ventures Ocean and Seafood. Kate has worked at the intersection of impact investing and sustainable food and agriculture for over eight years.". Portfolio inc. Brimstone, App harvest, Apeel Sciences

Tyler Christie, Decarbonization Partners. "Experienced entrepreneur, investor and product executive with passion for sustainability and tackling climate change since childhood." Portfolio inc. Carbon Direct, Monolith, Group14 Technologies.

Kristin McDonald, Investor at Eniac Ventures. "Eniac has been investing in sustainability for over a decade. It is an important space for us and a lifelong personal passion of mine." Portfolio inc. Iron Ox, Bedrock.

Josh Felser, Climactic. "I am a serial entrepreneur and early stage investor. I co-founded Climactic with Raj Kapoor to invest in ClimateTech startups with a focus on tech that decarbonizes the Enterprise". Portfolio inc. WeaveGrid, Populus, Rubi Laboratories

Ira Ehrenpreis at DBL Partners. "Founder and Managing Partner of DBL Partners, currently managing more than $1 billion of capital. DBL invests in companies that can deliver top-tier financial returns, while simultaneously driving social or environmental change". Portfolio inc. Farmers Business Network, Wynd Technologies, Zola Electric

Phoebe Wang, Amazon Climate Pledge Fund. The Climate Pledge Fund is a $2 billion venture investment program supporting the development of sustainable technologies and services that will enable Amazon to meet our net-zero carbon goal. Portfolio inc. Moxion Power, Electric Hydrogen, Pachama

Veery Maxwell, Galvanize Climate Solutions. "Veery has spent her career focused on climate change, is a deep believer in the virtuous cycle of markets, technology, and policy reinforcing each other to drive decarbonization." Portfolio inc. Zhero, alcemy, Arable

Andrew Beebe, Obvious Ventures. "Andrew helps build companies with category-creating entrepreneurs that are decarbonizing the global economy, electrifying all modes of transportation, and upgrading urban environments". Portfolio inc. Enbala, Lightship, Plant Prefab

Susan Su, Toba Capital. "Climate investor focused on supporting founders and teams solving climate change." Portfolio inc. Finless Foods, Pachama, Bedrock Energy

Stonly Baptiste Blue, Third Sphere. "Third Sphere is a venture platform that works for founders accelerating the transformation of global systems to better serve humanity and the planet now and into the future." Portfolio inc. Earth Force Technologies, Singularity Energy, ChargeLab

Sanjiv Sanghavi, Day One Ventures. "Co-founded of ClassPass and most recently the Chief Product Officer of Arcadia, a climate-crisis-fighting tech company creating unprecedented access to energy data and renewable energy sources." Portfolio inc. BluumBio and Living Carbon

Ugo Catry, Princeville Climate. Invests in leading growth-stage climate companies. Portfolio inc. Enpal, NotCo, Mainspring Energy

Reece Pacheco, Propeller. Formerly Executive Director at World Surf League, Reece founded Propeller, an early stage climate-tech venture fund that invests in and builds ocean-climate companies that use science and technology to address the climate crisis.

Michael DeLucia, Wellington. "Investing in pioneering technologies that enable and drive the energy transition. Current focus areas include electrification of everything, connected and smarter buildings, digital infrastructure, and smarter cities."

Borja Moreno de los Rios at Silence. Former venture partner at FJ Labs, and exited founder with Merlin, Borja went onto found Silence VC where he sits as GP and invests into companies fighting climate change.

Maximilian Von Poelnitz, Earth First Food Ventures. "A food and bio tech investor excited by innovation in personal nutrition, alternative protein, and b2b food tech. Max has built numerous start ups, founded a venture capital firm, invested as a CVC, and joined as an LP in Loyal VC".

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Disclaimer: Some of the listed investors may be directly or indirectly invested in the authors company, HackCapital. This is not a reason why they were listed, they're simply just some of the best VC's who we also happen to work with.

APAC, MENA, Africa's 30+ Top Climate VCs
The Partners, Principles, Analysts and Associates to Know

Compared to our US and European lists, the number of dedicated and crossover Climate VC's in this list is far fewer, which could highlight an interesting opportunity for emerging Climate funds in these regions.

The current hotspots look to be New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, with plenty of opportunity in Africa and MENA for new funds to emerge.  

If you think we missed a VC who deserves to be on this list - please add them to the list here so we can get it updated.


Derek Handley, Aera VC. Early growth fund investing globally since 2016 in founders with deep technology across Climate and/or Frontier verticals. Portfolio inc. Aqua Cultured Foods, Carbon Chain, Noya.

Steve Melhuish, Planet Rise / Wavemaker Impact. Tech entrepreneur, investor and board advisor. Founder of 4 companies used by 40+ million consumer including Property Guru. Now building Planet Rise and Wavemaker Impact, investing and building climate-tech solutions. Portfolio inc. Ampd, Turtle Tree, Capture

Rachel Yang, Giant Leap. Australia based VC backing "mission-driven founders solving across three themes: health and wellbeing, sustainable living and empowering people". Portfolio inc. Change Foods, Full Cycle, Great Wrap

Matilda Ho, Bits x Bites. China's first sustainable agrifood tech VC now investing out of a US$100M fund. 20+ investments into protein alternatives, crop health, and human nutrition. Portfolio inc. Future Meat Technologies, InnovoPro, Changing Biotech.

Michal Klar, Better Bite Ventures. Investing in alternative protein startups in Asia Pacific. Supporting founders of plant-based, cell-based and fermentation startups. Founder & Editor-In-Chief, Future Food Now. Portfolio inc. BlueCanopy, GreenRebel, Miruku.

Alan Chan, Vectr Ventures. VC based in Hong Kong investing in "teams ready to tackle global issues, transform industries and improve the lives of millions". Portfolio inc. BeeFlow, Plantible Foods, Provectus Algae.

Vishnu Rajeev, Avaana Capital. Early/ growth stage investor in India, investing in "market leaders leveraging tech-led innovation to catalyze climate solutions and sustainability". Portfolio inc. Terra.do, eekifoods, Eggoz Nutrition

Mark Kahn, Omnivore. Impact VC based out of India funding entrepreneurs "building the future of agriculture and food systems". Portfolio inc. BioPrime, Ecozen, Varaha

Alina Truhina, The Radical fund. Early-stage VC fund dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia who are "rapidly scaling solutions that contribute to a more climate resilient future". Portfolio inc. not yet announced.

Frances Kang, Horizons Ventures. "The private investment arm of Mr. Li Ka-shing, is a leading investor in some of the world’s most innovative companies and disruptive technologies". Portfolio inc. Nourish Ingredients, NotPla, ZeroAvia, Miotech

Mike Lim, TRIREC. Singapore-based cleantech investment holding company focusing on global opportunities in the areas of renewable energy, clean technology and sustainability. Portfolio inc. Solar Home, Hungry Planet, Air Carbon Exchange

Sarah Nolet, Tenacious Ventures. "We partner with agtech operators creating impact at scale at the intersection of digitally native agriculture and climate solutions". Portfolio inc. Regrow Ag, Vow, Cecil

Phil Morle, Main Sequence Ventures. Investing in "deep tech founders who are building unimaginable new companies with a strong connection to research". Portfolio inc. Eden Brew, Samsara Eco, regrow.

Dan Fitzgerald, ReGen Ventures. Global early-stage venture capital fund that "partners with founders courageous enough to reimagine the world from the atom up". Portfolio inc. Meati, Pachama, Arkeon.

John Friedman, AgFunder/GROW impact. Asia Director of AgFunder and GROW Accelerator, on a mission to advance innovation and sustainability across the food system. Portfolio inc. Eion, Modern Synthesis, Kula Bio.

Lucinda Hankin, Grok Ventures. "We back world-class teams solving big problems to shape a better future. We invest in fast growing technology-enabled businesses". Portfolio inc. Neera, Antora Energy, Loam Bio

June Cha, Envisioning Partners. An impact investing venture capital firm based in South Korea. Portfolio inc. RECO, Circ, Green Li-ion


Aaron Fu, Sherpa Ventures / Catalyst Fund. Aaron is a partner at emerging market inclusive tech focused Catalyst Fund and a founding partner in Africa focused founder backed pre-seed fund Sherpa Ventures. Portfolio inc. ColdHubs, Leaf, Meerkat.

Lyndsay Holley Handler, Factor[e] Ventures. Early-stage seed investor and venture building group that invests capital and hands-on support to high-impact, technology-enabled businesses in India and Africa. Portfolio inc. Apollo Agriculture, Zola, InspiraFarms.

Toukam Ngoufanke, Persistent. Investing in & builds impact ventures in underserved markets. Portfolio inc. Hohm Energy, CarbonClear, upOwa


Sonia Weymuller, VentureSouq. Founding partner at MENA-based venture capital fund VentureSouq, managing thematic funds with a current investment focus on FinTech and ClimateTech. Portfolio inc. Shelf Engine, Circa500

Khaled bin Alwaleed, KBW Ventures. "Focusing exclusively on venture capital, value creation and growth equity, targeting direct investments in some of the world’s most highly sought-after private companies". Portfolio inc. Upside Foods, Bond Pet Foods, Carbix.

Hossam (Sam) Allam, Climate Resilience Fund. "Impact fund seeking seed stage African and Middle Eastern startups with 100X solutions to the climate crisis in agri-food tech and the nature economy". Portfolio inc.

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80+ Swiss Climate Tech Founders To Know
From Energy Optimisation in Real Estate to Carbon Capturing Concrete

Driven by two strong technical universities (ETH Zurich, EPFL) that are spinning-off some of the most deep tech startups in Europe and fuelled by VC interest in the Swiss tech ecosystem - the climate tech scene of Switzerland has seen a boom in recent years.

It’s no surprise when we asked Linkedin who were the top Climate startups to know in Switzerland, the list came back with over 80+ names.

From energy optimisation in real estate to carbon capturing concrete, alternative meats to decarbonised chemicals - here’s a look into the Swiss climate ecosystem in 2023.

If there’s someone you think we’ve missed - please add them to the list here.

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Mark Essam Zahran of YASAI - Builds and manages vertical farms based on a circular economy to transform food systems.

Benoit de Combaud at Infrascreen - Develops light filters for greenhouses that enables drastic improvements in climate management.

Nicolas Weber of Voltiris - Combines spectrum filtering for agricultural productivity with photovoltaic performance.

Aurelien G. Demaurex of Ecorobotix - Offering precise, safe, reliable and affordable robotic solutions to produce healthy and affordable food.


Jodok Reinhardt of LIBREC - Recycles lithium-ion car batteries and returns all components back to the manufacturing of new batteries.

David Taylor of Unbound Potential - Creates solutions for long-term energy storage based on a novel membrane-less flow redox battery technology.

Paul Baade of eightinks - Building powerful lithium ion batteries with scalable manufacturing, novel cell designs and high performance materials.


Sotiria Mostrou of Biosimo Chemicals - Chemical engineering to develop and operate processes to produce bio-based platform chemicals.

Remy Buser from Bloom Biorenewables - provide a novel route to source molecules from plants as an alternative to petroleum-based products.

Samantha Anderson of DePoly - chemical-based method for recycling post-consumer PET containers.

Felix Bobbink of Plastogaz - develops a hydrocracking technology for the transformation of hard to recycle plastic waste into circular feedstock.

Samuel Hess of UniSieve AG - provides membrane solutions to save energy costs and CO2 emissions on many separation processes.

Carbon Capture

Jan Wurzbacher of Climeworks - offering carbon dioxide removal as a service via direct air capture (DAC) technology.

Carbon Marketplaces

Charles Peurois of Enchar - B2B market platform for biochar - providing a comprehensive platform for the sale and procurement of biochar.

Tim Duehrkoop of Xilva - Digital marketplace for investments in regenerative forests.

Raphaël Haupt of Toucan - Builds public carbon market infrastructure on the blockchain to help coordinate and fund efforts for climate challenge.

Thomas Käslin of Terra Preta - producing biochar from agricultural residues and creating Carbon Credits in exchange

Climate Finance

Christian Sutter of mympact - Track the carbon footprint of your spending, discover eco-friendly alternatives and reduce your impact.

Manuel Seiffe of MPower Ventures - partners with local entrepreneurs to finance and distribute clean energy to households and SMEs in emerging markets.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

Aureline Grange of Open Forest Protocol - allows forest projects of any size, all over the world, to measure, report and verify their forestation data.

Thaïs de Tribolet of ROSE Framework - B2B Software solution to empower companies to establish a sustainability strategy and implement it.

Andreas Brenner of Jua - end to end deep learning model for weather forecasts.

Jürg Germann of Inverto - automate mangrove restoration as a service for mangrove restoration groups.


Valentin Gutknecht of Neustark - Developer of solutions to permanently store CO2 from the air in recycled mineral waste such as demolished concrete.

Thibault Demoulin of Oxara - Developing additives to transform construction waste, such as excavation materials, into an ecological, cement-free concrete.

Etienne Jeoffroy of FenX - turns mineral waste into high-performance, non-flammable and sustainable insulation panels for buildings.

Tobias Bonwetsch of Rematter - creates circular, low carbon buildings by starting with floor slab systems.

Energy Production

Margaux Peltier of Enerdrape - Builder of prefabricated geothermal panel technologies able to capture renewable thermal energy.

Sergey Pancheshnyi of E2S Power - implementation of thermal energy storage with a focus on retrofitting and repurposing existing coal fired plants.

Energy Optimisation

Ion Padilla of Wegaw - Remote sensing satellite data with machine learning to optimize renewable energy production for hydropower generation.

Gianluca Corbellini of Hive Power - SaaS platform to manage anything connected to the grid, from Energy Communities to EV Charging.

Stefano Grassi of Gilytics - Helping energy and engineering companies find the best route for powerlines and other linear infrastructure.

Andrew Bollinger of Sympheny - Offers a subscription-based SaaS platform to develop, manage & continuously extract value from energy systems.

Kevin Häfeli of Helio. Reducing emissions in the cloud by matching idle capacity with the demand of large-scale computing workloads.

Liliane Ableitner of Exnaton - SaaS platform for energy sharing and billing for energy suppliers to unlock digital business opportunities.

Till Quack of Zerofy - App to track your household footprint and switch to lower-carbon energy and products.

Energy Optimisation - Real Estate

Sébastien Cajot of Urbio - Develops generative design software for the key actors of the energy transition - with a focus on energy efficiency of buildings.

Evan Petkov of OPTIML - End-to-end software platform to generate intelligent low cost and low carbon investment strategies for existing buildings.

Dominik Bucher of Scandens - provides software solutions to create feasible, profitable and 1.5°C-compliant renovation plans – fast and at scale.

Gian Reto à Porta of Norm - Determines the energy efficiency and CO₂ emissions of properties and prepares specific renovation proposals.

Pietro Gagliard of CLEVERON - Allows you to save on heating costs and monitor air quality in indoor spaces.

Josef Timoteo Jenni of Yuon Control - helps you to save up to 25% of your heating energy with simple means and low investment costs.

Joel Samsinge of MOOST - Enterprise software transforming data from buildings into personalized notifications for saving energy.

Patrik Deuss of LEDCity - Reducing electricity consumption with modern LED technology, sensors, and artificial intelligence.

Felix Bünning of Viboo - Predictive Control as a Service (PCaaS) platform for manufacturers of building energy systems to optimize heating consumption.

Cyrill Burch of zevvy - Online software for easy billing of energy and service charges in small buildings.

Food Production

Christoph Jenny of Planted - Producer of plant-based proteins with a novel biostructuring approach combining protein structuring and biotechnology.

Christoph Mayr of MIRAI FOODS - Developing cultivated meat from animal cells with a "Fibration Technology" for efficient cultivation of tissue.

Tomas Turner of Cultivated Biosciences - Developing a fat ingredient from oleaginous yeast, which offers the creaminess needed for plant-based dairy.

Freddy Hunziker of New Roots AG - Producer of 100% plant-based cheese, and other dairy alternatives, following traditional cheese-making techniques.

Flavio Hagenbuch of Luya Foods - Create alternatives to meat using mycelium fermentation technology and upcycled ingredients.

Vincent Vida of upgrain - Offers high-quality protein and fibre-containing foods that are produced using brewer's spent grain (BSG).

Samuel Bühlmann of Gaia Tech - Develops upcycling solutions to turn tons of agricultural sidestreams into clean label ingredients for cosmetics and food.

Silvan Leibacher of EggField - Developing whole and liquid egg alternatives for the gastronomy and food industry.

Christian Bärtsch of Essento - Development and production of insect based foods.

Food Waste / Emissions

Naomi MacKenzie of KITRO - Fully automated food waste hardware and software management solution for the food and beverage industry.

Olga Dubey of AgroSustain - Developer of plant-derived antifungal compounds against broad range of agronomically important fungal pathogens.

Manuel Klarmann of Eaternity - Realtime calculation engine on the carbon footprint of meals and restaurants.

Daria Reisch of Agrinorm - SaaS platform to manage product quality along the supply chain and uses AI to turn quality reports into actionable insights.

GHG Reduction

Juan Mario Michan of Daphne Technology - Measures, reduces and monetises GHG emissions from industrial sources.


David Brandes of planetary - Manufacturing partner (“CDMO”) building bioprocessing, downstream and formulations capacity globally.


Guillaume Perben of Composite Recycling - Developed a unique process to recover glass fibers from composite material in an economically viable way.

Jessica Farda of Noriware - Creating new sustainable packaging from seaweed.

Amaël Cohades of CompPair - developer of a composite material able to repair itself and be better recycled, bringing circularity to the industry.

Sarah Harbarth of KUORI - develops and sells circular, materials that are produced with the help of food side streams such as banana peel or nutshells.

Ulrike Pfreundt of rrreefs - 3D coral reef structures to promote reef life and serve as coastal protection barriers.


Gian Andri Diem of dhp technology - Produces and sells unique solar folding roof to support with sustainable energy production.

Neeraj Kumar Dasila of SmartHelio - Advanced analytics platform to increase solar PV plant performance and digitizes asset management.

Julien Morard of smartsuna - Prepares turnkey estimations for solar equipment (batteries, modules, inverter, accessories).


Leigh Hackett of Metafuels - Producing sustainable aviation fuel using water, renewable electricity and sustainably sourced carbon dioxide.

Gianluca Ambrosetti of Synhelion - Decarbonizing long-distance transportation with sun-to-liquid fuel.

Theodore Caby of Qaptis - On-board CO2 capture kit that captures up to carbon emissions from any heavy-duty vehicles (truck, ship, etc.).

Duga Hoti of Flux Mobility AG - Manufactures and sells electric commercial vehicles.

Mario Blatter of eco.mio - Software product to cut carbon emissions and cost for our customers in business travel.


Fajer Mushtaq of Oxyle - Novel technology that can efficiently eliminate a wide range of toxic and persistent organic pollutants from wastewater.

Christoph Kellenberger of Novamem - Membrane and filter manufacturer for water filtration, energy storage and liquid separations.

Dino Novia of Evodrop AG - Sustainable and efficient water treatment for (lime)scale in real estate and saline groundwater in agriculture.

Mike Hecker of BE WTR - Decarbonizing and relocalizing water supply chains through water hardware solutions for offices and homes.

Olivier Gröninger of openversum - Combining a filtration membrane system with microfranchising to provide safe and affordable drinking water.

70+ French Climate Tech Startups To Know
From Climate Tracking, Food and Agriculture, Energy, Materials and Chemicals

After our deep dive into the Swiss climate tech scene, we decided to look across the border and jump into the Climate startups to know in l’hexagone.

The French climate tech scene has great representation in climate tracking, food and agriculture, energy, materials, and more - largely driven by strong technical universities and the active presence of Entrepreneur First.

If there’s someone you think we’ve missed, please add them to the list here.

Before jumping in…

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  • Lionel Mora of Neoplants - Creator of a bioengineered houseplant designed to purify the air in a bedroom, able to absorb up to 30 times more pollutants than a regular houseplant.
  • Fabien Koutchekian & Dali Rashid of Genomines - Biologically engineering plants to renewably mine nickel.
  • Christophe Downey of Horizom - Cultivating giant bamboo in France to sequester carbon and produce biomass for industrial use.
  • Antoine Hubert of Ynsect - A robotic, AI-powered insect farm that produces powdered protein-based feed for animals and fish.
  • Ruben Sabah of Hyperplan - Leveraging satellite and weather data technology to offer a SaaS solution to help companies manage the volatility of agricultural production.
  • Hugo Asselin & Pascal Asselin of MORFO - Developer of a solution for large-scale ecological restoration of forest ecosystems.
  • Aude Guo, Bastien Oggeri & Clément Ray of Innovafeed - Builder of the world’s largest insect protein production site.
  • Michel Funfschilling of GAIAGO - Aiming to become the world leader in soil revitalisation.


  • Maud Caillaux of Green-Got - Sustainable bank which ensures that its customers’ money doesn’t finance fossil fuels.
  • Maeva Courtois & Julia Ménayas of Helios.do - A green alternative to the traditional banking model, with “more ethics and less CO2”, which invests in sustainability projects.


  • Alexandra Carpentier & Michael Roes of TOOPI ORGANICS - recycling human urine into useful products for agriculture and industry.
  • Ilan Palacci of Ever Dye - Developer of an innovative dyeing process and a low-heat, low-energy, bio-based pigment designed to depollute the textile industry.
  • Jérémie Blache & Marie-Sarah Adenis of PILI - Developing sustainable dyes and pigments to reduce the environmental footprint of the colour industry.

Carbon Capture

  • Sarah Lamaison of Dioxycle - Developer of electrolyser solutions that capture and convert carbon dioxide into useful chemical products.
  • Axel Reinaud of NetZero - long-term carbon removal from the atmosphere, turning agricultural residues into biochar, a very stable form of carbon.

Carbon Credits

  • Etienne Variot of Rize Ag - A carbon credit financing platform for French farmers.
  • Goulnara Aguiar of ORMEX - A digital voluntary marketplace for agricultural carbon credits.
  • Priscille Raynaud of Ecosystem Restoration Standard - A certification for nature-based restoration projects on the Voluntary Carbon Markets.
  • Clément Georget, Ludovic Chatoux & Grégoire Guirauden of Riverse - Enabling manufacturing greentech companies in Europe to issue and sell carbon credits.
  • Nicolas Ferriere of Carbonapp France - Certifying emissions reductions generated by local projects in several sectors.
  • Flavian Ibled, Jean-Marc Levy & Thibaut Savoye of Carbone Farmers - Developer of a platform that enables stakeholders to valorise their contribution to supporting farmers’ transition to low carbon agriculture practices.
  • Thaïs Drozdowski of Inuk - Providing a carbon offsetting solution through the financing of local renewable energy projects and blockchain technology.

Climate Finance

  • Benjamin Tincq & Jonny Everett of Marble - A climate tech venture studio supporting deeptech startups that slash emissions, remove carbon, and cool the planet.
  • Arthur Auboeuf of Time for the Planet - Raising money to “detect and deploy 100 global innovations against greenhouse gases”.
  • Anaïs Bach of hummingbirds - Developing and financing carbon projects across the world, focusing mainly on tropical forests, agroforestry, wetlands, peatlands and coastal ecosystems.
  • Thomas Rabant of ReGeneration - Investing in farmers undertaking regenerative agriculture practices.
  • Guillaume Leti & Ramzi Laieb of Carbonable - Providing the “smartest and easiest” way to invest in carbon removal projects.

Climate Strategy / Reporting

  • Vincent Bryant of Deepki - An “ESG index” that leverages data intelligence to implement the right ESG strategies for the real estate sector.
  • Edouard Audi of apiday - Creator of an AI-powered tool to help investors get on top of ESG reporting.
  • Géraldine Fournier of Bilan Carbone® - Consulting on climate strategy for startups and SMEs.
  • Jean-Marc Jancovici of Carbone 4 - A consulting firm supporting businesses with decarbonisation and adaptation to climate change.
  • Antoine Poincare of AXA Climate - Creator of the Climate School Business Unit at AXA Climate, helping companies upskill their staff on the sustainable transition.
  • Alexis Normand of Greenly - Tracking CO2 emissions and rewarding sustainable spending by connecting to consumer bank accounts.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation - Consumer

  • Anas Mbasso of Moovance - A mobile app designed to encourage consumers and businesses to measure and reduce their carbon impact.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation - Industry

  • Rachel Delacour of Sweep - A B2B software platform that helps large companies to understand, manage and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Patrick Asdaghi of Carbon Maps - A science-based, data-driven software-as-a-service climate management platform for the food industry.
  • Romain Fau of Kanop - Digitising and automating MRV to accurately measure carbon sequestration.
  • Vassily Carantino of CarbonFarm - Using satellite data to cut emissions from rice-growing.
  • Tanguy Touffut of Descartes Underwriting - insurtech company that specializes in climate risk modeling and data-driven risk transfer.
  • Tanguy Robert of Sami - An all-in-one climate platform enabling companies to measure and reduce their carbon emissions.
  • Martin Daniel of Carbonfact - Undertaking fast, scalable life-cycle assessments to help fashion brands lower their carbon emissions.
  • Rodolphe Deniau, Thomas Guyot & Patrick Nollet of Traace - A software solution that allows companies to measure and manage their carbon footprint.
  • Christine Heckmann of Verdikt - Creator of a platform which assesses, optimises and pilots the sustainable performance of businesses’ digital assets.
  • Charlotte Degot of CO2 AI - Sustainability-as-a-service software for corporate carbon measurement.
  • Simon Létourneau of Carbo - A SaaS software platform to help businesses monitor and reduce their environmental footprint.
  • Laurent Barbezieux of Aktio - Offers a data collection service to help businesses reduce their carbon impact.
  • Pierre Garreau of Searoutes - A solutions provider for logistics companies to get accurate CO2 visibility.


  • Stéphane Lips of Caeli Energie - Providing highly efficient, low carbon air conditioning systems.


Energy Production

  • Francesco A. Volpe of Renaissance Fusion - Building stellarators for fusion energy - the most efficient, steady, and stable fusion reactors on earth.
  • Erwan Pannier of Spark Cleantech - Pioneering hydrogen production via methane plasmolysis.
  • Nicolas Heuzé of Sweetch Energy - Tapping into the power of osmotic energy using its INOD® technology to produce clean electricity from salt water.
  • Guénaël Prince of Waga Energy - Recovering methane emitted by the breakdown of organic matter contained in waste and supplies it directly to the gas grid.
  • Jules Hammond of BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells - Creator of paper biofuel cells that use enzymes to convert sugars and oxygen into electricity.
  • Antoine Guyot of Jimmy - Designs and operates atomic thermal generators to massively decarbonize industry.

Energy Optimisation

  • Antoine Rostand of Kayrros - Using data and machine learning to monitor and measure energy, natural resources and industrial activity worldwide.
  • Édouard Ibled of Carbonloop - Offering on-site production of renewable gas and hydrogen to accelerate the local decarbonisation of industry.
  • Manuel Letort of Fridaa Green - Supporting consumers in researching, financing and renovating homes so that they conform to green energy standards.
  • Pierre Tremolieres of Accenta.ai - Develops smart solutions maximizing the energy efficiency and decarbonization of buildings.

Food Production

  • Martin Habfast of Umiami - Creating plant-based whole-cuts that look, taste, and sizzle like animal-based meat.
  • Nathalie Rolland of Nutropy - Inspired by traditional French cheesemaking methods to create animal-free gourmet cheese via precision fermentation.
  • Nicolas Morin-Forest of GOURMEY - Developing cultivated meats, including foie gras, and on a mission to build Europe’s biggest cultivated meat hub.
  • Alexandre Reeber of Core Biogenesis - Building a plant-based bioproduction facility, plus a technology platform that can express recombinant proteins from the seeds of a Camelina sativa oilseed plant.
  • Stéphane Mac Millan at Bon Vivant - Developing animal-free dairy milk using precision fermentation.
  • Etienne Duthoit at Vital Meat - France’s first cultivated meat startup.
  • Frédéric Pâques & Romain Chayot at Standing Ovation - Developing animal-free casein via precision fermentation.
  • Nicolas Schweitzer & Vincent Poulichet of La Vie™ - Creating delicious plant-based meat alternatives thanks to its patented fat recipe.


  • Jerome Di Giovanni of Green Praxis - Delivering nature-based vegetation management solutions for infrastructure operators with large land footprints.


  • Benoit Illy of Fairbrics - Developing a synthetic polyester fibre from CO2 captured from industrial sources, with the aim of creating carbon-negative PET.
  • Gillian Gover of PDA Ecolab - Using bio-based materials to improve the performance of composites while reducing the CO2 impact across a range of verticals including sports and leisure, automotive, aerospace, and renewable energy.
  • Haïkel Balti of Faircraft - Developing a sustainable, lab-grown alternative to animal leather.
  • Ben Saada of FAIRMAT - Creating a sustainable future for carbon fiber composite by transforming production scrap and EOL waste into a new recycled material.
  • Benjamin Blum-Boukobza of BLOOM - Making chic and ethical vegan shoes from biobased and recycled materials.


  • Marjorie Darcet & Olivier Large of Lixo - Developer of software solutions that improve the performance of recycling companies, from waste collection to sorting and recycling.
  • Reynold Simonnet of Dipli - Creator of France’s first digital and fully integrated supply chain dedicated to second-hand electronics.


  • Aurélien de Meaux of Electra - platform that provides Charging stations Ultra fast for electric vehicles.
  • François Oudot of Bump - Managing the deployment and operation of electric vehicle charging stations to help commercial fleets transition to green energy.
  • Inès Multrier & Alfred Richard of Nelson - Data-driven software that enables companies to plan, deploy and operate a successful electrification strategy for their car fleet.
  • Nicolas Duvaut of K-Ryole - Creator of the first smart, self-propelled electric bike trailer that can carry up to 250kg behind any bike.


  • Sébastien Demech of Telaqua - Using data and IoT to optimise water consumption within agriculture.

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80+ UK Climate Tech Startups To Know
From Carbon Capture to Food Production and Construction

We’ve previously mapped Germany and Switzerland’s Climate Tech startups and up next we jump across the Channel and into the UK.

Despite being a (relatively) tiny island, the UK is making major strides in climate tech, doubling its investment year-on-year to nearly $8 billion in 2022.

We took to LinkedIn again to track down the British climate tech founders you really need to know.

If there’s someone you think we’ve missed, please add them to the list here.

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  • David Farquhar of Intelligent Growth Solutions - Delivering vertical farming solutions that enable businesses to grow tasty, nutritious, additive-free produce using economically viable and environmentally sustainable methods.
  • Shireen Davies of SOLASTA Bio - Developing peptide-based bioinsecticide solutions for the global agricultural market.
  • Remi Gratacap of Aquanzo - Producing marine ingredients for the aquaculture industry on land to avoid harming our oceans.
  • Rosaria Campilongo of PfBIO - Providing precision biocontrol solutions to protect crops from major agricultural diseases.
  • Sarah Power of Agreed Earth - Building the data hub of regenerative agriculture to help farmers profit, naturally, by making their operations more resilient and productive through regenerative practices.


  • Christopher Reynolds of Eden Bio - Using machine learning to improve protein yield, saving companies time and money, and helping them get their proteins to market faster.
  • Mohammad Khalil El Hajj, PhD of Bright Biotech - Creating high quality & affordable recombinant proteins for the life sciences and food sectors.
  • Jack Reid of Unicorn Biotechnologies - Developing a next-generation biomanufacturing platform to power the cell-based manufacturing revolution.
  • Farrah Barber of Primordial Biotechnology - Leveraging machine learning and the fusion of mathematics, engineering, plant science, and design, to confront the world's most challenging climatic problems.

Carbon Capture

  • Erik Millar of Heimdal - Building machines that use renewable energy to extract the acidic parts of seawater, allowing more CO2 to be removed from the atmosphere and restoring stability to the world’s oceans.
  • David S. K. of CyanoCapture - Working to provide affordable carbon capture on an industrial scale by harnessing genetically modified cyanobacteria.
  • Alisha Fredriksson of Seabound - Developing patent-pending carbon capture equipment for large cargo ships.

Carbon Credits

  • Tim de Rosen of ClimaFi - Creator of the first trusted and scientifically accurate standard for the untapped peatland restoration market, including a UK carbon credit trading exchange.
  • Claire Pluard of Carbon Yield - Helping farmers access new revenue streams through carbon markets.

Climate Finance

  • Stephen Fern of Ark2030 - Innovative programs designed to fund restoration of the 500 million hectares of ecosystems that have been destroyed by mankind since the beginning of the industrial revolution.
  • Marta Krupinska of CUR8 - A venture capital firm that works with leading scientists and innovators to scale up the carbon removals industry.
  • Krishna Srinivasan of Farms.io - A climate tech ecosystem that connects everyone from farmers to financiers with easy-to-use digital tools and flexible, climate smart solutions

Climate Education

  • Richard Ng of greenworkx - A climate EdTech startup that is tackling the green skills emergency and building the net-zero workforce.
  • Chloe Sweden of Lowr - The world's first engagement platform that informs, inspires and incentivises employees to lower their environmental impact.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

  • Lukky of Climate X - Unlocking the power of climate risk data with global coverage and granular analytics to build a better future for our planet.
  • Alexander L. of Connect Earth - Using carbon tracking API technology to support financial institutions in offering their customers transparent insight into the climate impact of their daily spending.
  • Kat Bruce & Katie Critchlow of NatureMetrics - The world’s first nature performance monitoring subscription service, powered by eDNA technology.
  • Franceso Pomponi of Preoptima - The world's first AI platform for real-time carbon planning for buildings and cities.
  • Sherif Elsayed-Ali of Carbon Re - Building the world's most advanced AI-powered platform to enable cement and steel decarbonisation.
  • Anand Verma of Expect™ - Developer of UNA™, a Climate Action Platform with an AI-first approach, that helps organisations to diagnose, understand, navigate and accelerate the reduction in carbon emissions, profitably.
  • John Ridd of Greenpixie - Building software to measure and reduce the emissions of companies' cloud operations.
  • Samuel Wright & Mike Milner of Carbonside - Creators of a sustainable emissions management platform for businesses of all sizes.
  • Victoria Hatch of MyCarbon - A platform for individuals and businesses to calculate their carbon footprint and learn about their own impact on the environment.
  • Quentin ‘Q’ Draper-Scrimshire of Modo Energy - Transforming the energy industry through transparency of data.
  • Sarah Montgomery of Infyos - Helping to solve the problem of transparency for electric vehicle battery supply chains, using blockchain technology and IoT.


  • Dr. Ehab Sayed of Biohm - Biomanufacturing research and development to revolutionise construction and create a healthier, more sustainable, built-environment.
  • Liv Andersson of BioZeroc - Creating carbon-negative construction materials that enable everyday infrastructure to be built sustainably.

Energy Optimisation

  • Nick Pledge of EcoSync - Creator of a multi-award winning Smart Temperature Control System that helps businesses reduce their heating-related carbon emissions and energy bills by up to 50%.
  • Gavin White of About:Energy - Using its software platform, “The Voltt”, to supply organisations with high-quality battery data and models to “supercharge” their in-house battery development.
  • Tom Heenan of Gaussion - Making batteries charge significantly faster through magneto-electrochemistry.
  • Penelope Jones of Byterat - Creator of a no-code solution for battery performance forecasting and optimisation.
  • Dan Williams of measurable.energy - Developer of technology that automatically identifies and eliminates wasted energy in buildings, reducing CO2 emissions and electricity bills.
  • Karl Farrow of CeraPhi Energy - A leading project development company delivering global geothermal energy solutions at scale.
  • Greg Jackson of Octopus Energy - Building a truly sustainable energy system globally.

Energy Production

  • Nick Van Dijk of Oort Energy - A hydrogen electrolyser manufacturer with disruptive technology to dramatically lower the cost of green hydrogen.
  • Carlton Cummins of Aceleron - Designing and building sustainable, smarter and safer lithium batteries for optimal performance.
  • Louise Parlons Bentata of Bluemethane - Capturing methane from water to create a new source of bio-power.
  • John C. Waite of Phycobloom - Developing an algae oil that is cheap enough to replace fossil fuels.
  • Dr. Thomas Fudge of WASE LIMITED - Working with manufacturers to turn their unavoidable waste into bioenergy, water for reuse and agricultural inputs.
  • David Ortega of Phase Biolabs - Making carbon neutral chemicals and electro-fuels from carbon dioxide using fermentation.


  • Josephine Philips of SOJO - Providing fashion businesses with the solutions to offer alterations and repairs to customers at scale — increasing garment lifespans and reducing waste and inventory losses.

Food - Cellular Agriculture

  • Will Milligan of Extracellular - Using scale up experience and deep insights into cellular behaviour to produce biomass for cultivated meat companies more efficiently.
  • Clarisse B. of Animal Alternative Technologies - Engineering a scalable, end-to-end ecosystem for cultured meat production.
  • Martina Miotto of CellRev - Revolutionising cell cultivation with a scalable, industry-first continuous bioprocessing technology.
  • Che Connon of 3D Bio-Tissues - Developing scaffold-free, 100% cultivated meat with its unique technology.
  • Richard Dillon of Ivy Farm Technologies - Operating an 18,000 square foot cultivated meat production facility, which it claims is the largest of its kind in Europe.
  • Max Jamilly of Hoxton Farms - Cultivating animal fat for the alternative protein industry.
  • Owen Ensor of Good Dog Food - Replacing the 20% of meat and fish globally used for pet food with cultivated meat.
  • Cai Linton of Multus - Engineering a new growth medium for the cellular agriculture industry that is both inexpensive and animal-free.
  • Benjamina Bollag of Higher Steaks - Using state-of-the-art cell culture techniques to produce meat of the highest quality.
  • Illtud Llyr Dunsford of Cellular Agriculture Ltd - The first UK startup in the cell-based space, delivering scaled technology for multi species cell-based meat technology.

Food - Alt Protein

  • Pierre Dupuis of Adamo Foods - Launching the world’s first sustainable, yet delicious steak, entirely made from fungi.
  • Abi Aspen Glencross of FoodSquared - Developing realistic and healthy plant-based shellfish.
  • Christopher Kong of Better Nature - Carbon-neutral, plastic-neutral, tempeh-based food products.
  • Jevan Nagarajah of Better Dairy - Using precision fermentation to produce animal-free dairy.

Food - Sustainable Ingredients

  • Marcela Flores of Tierra-Foods Ltd. - Developing nutritious, carbon-negative ingredients that help to regenerate soils, restore biodiversity and feed the world.
  • Tom Simmons of The Supplant Company - Turning agricultural side-streams like corn cobs, oat hulls and wheat straw into sustainable replacements for environmentally-damaging ingredients.
  • Ben Wilding of Sun Bear Bioworks - Using precision fermentation to make sustainable alternatives to staple ingredients, starting with palm oil.
  • Peter Rowe of Deep Branch - Using clean and renewable carbon and energy to create ingredients for a more sustainable food system.

Food - Waste

  • Emilie Vanpoperinghe of Oddbox - A subscription service for surplus or wonky fruit and veg that has been rescued from farmers.
  • Michael Haskamp of Angry Monk - Rescuing fresh surplus and imperfect produce from producers and supplying it directly to consumers.
  • Saasha Celestial-One of Olio - Connecting neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.
  • David Whitewood of Upp™ - Harvesting nutritious, health-promoting proteins and ingredients from the 80% of broccoli that is grown to waste.
  • Fotis Fotiadis of Better Origin - Offering modular insect farms that convert food waste into animal feed.


  • Matt Millar of Really Clever - Using fungi to create everything from high-quality leather-like materials to clean fuels.
  • Yudi D. of Hide Biotech - Developing disruptive sustainable biomaterials inspired by leather, that are cow-free, climate friendly, non-plastic, waste-derived, non-polluting, while being made of collagen.
  • Brett Cotten of Arda Biomaterials - Transforming waste into smarter, circular biomaterials.
  • Stefan Grossfurthner of PhycoWorks - Accelerating the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy by using AI and synthetic biology to optimise algae for industrial applications.


  • Carlo Fedeli of FlexSea - A sustainable-packaging company aiming to replace traditional petroleum plastic film with an innovative natural, biodegradable and edible material derived from seaweed.
  • Insiya Jafferjee of Shellworks - Developing sustainable packaging, made from upcycled waste, that is a non-polluting fertiliser at its end of life.
  • Sharon C. of Sourceful - Helping businesses design, produce and manage more sustainable packaging.
  • Pierre-Yves Paslier of Notpla - Creator of a revolutionary packaging material made from seaweed and plants that biodegrades in weeks, naturally.


  • Jacob Nathan of Epoch Biodesign - Designing tuneable enzymes that can be programmed to transform plastic waste into different chemicals.
  • Rishi Stocker of TrueCircle - Creator of AI technology that enables recycling facilities to operate more effectively, recover higher amounts of valuable material and sell more efficiently.
  • Victor Dewulf of Recycleye - Bringing advanced machine learning, computer vision and robotics to the global waste management industry.


  • Hamish G. of Lenz Labs - Deploying AI, IoT, and engineering solutions to give rail networks, which emit significantly less CO2 than roads, a truly predictive reliability, helping them compete with alternative transport modes.
  • Tatseng Chiam of RideTandem - Turning local taxis, minibuses and coaches into smart, shared shuttles to create low-cost, sustainable ways to get people to employment and educational opportunities.

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70+ Dutch Climate Tech Startups To Know
From AgTech to Biomanufacturing, Climate Finance to Energy Production

The Netherlands has always been ahead of the game in sustainability. Its government set a target to make 16% of all energy used in the Netherlands sustainable by 2023, and a renewable energy target of 97% by the end of the decade.

Plus, the Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Food was established in 2013, years before many other countries even began thinking about the future of food.

That’s why, this week, we took to LinkedIn again to learn about the Dutch climate tech founders that are making waves in the industry.

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  • Marco de Boer of reNature - Supporting farmers and corporates scaling regenerative agriculture practices.
  • Indra den Bakker of Overstory - On a mission to become the standard in predictive planet intelligence, offering insights into the quantity and quality of forests and other natural resources.
  • Soufiane el Khinifri of Spatialise - Using satellite measurements to offer analysis and insight into the soil quality of agricultural land.
  • Matthijs Plas of BBBLS Energy Saving Greenhouses - Providing extra insulation for greenhouses with soap bubbles, enabling the production of high quality crops with much less energy.
  • Bart van Meurs of Division Q - Developing technology to support sustainable greenhouse horticulture.
  • Liesanne Wieleman of Thermeleon - Offering a greenhouse screening system which has the added capability of passively damping the greenhouse temperature towards the crop’s needs, thereby reducing demand for natural gas.
  • Dennis van den Bos of Blockbax - Enabling growers and farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity by digitising processes like water management and soil monitoring.
  • Aria Samimi of InsectSense - Building innovative, disease detection technologies based on insects.


  • Stef van Grieken of Cradle - Helping biologists design improved proteins using powerful prediction algorithms and AI design suggestions.
  • Linda Dijkshoorn of EV Biotech - Using state-of-the-art computational modelling to design microbial cell factory strains.

Carbon Capture

  • Rob van Straten of Skytree - Developing and deploying smart technology that captures atmospheric carbon dioxide, enabling its use or storage.
  • Hans De Neve of Carbyon - Developing breakthrough equipment to capture CO2 directly from air.
  • Dr. Rose (rezvan) Sharifian of SeaO2 - Leveraging electrochemical oceanic carbon capture technology.

Carbon Credits

  • Rebekah Braswell of Land Life - A technology-driven reforestation company that plants trees at scale, offering corporations and organisations a sustainable and transparent way to compensate carbon emissions through nature restoration.
  • Gijs Schuringa of Sumthing - Showing the real-world results of nature restoration projects, directly to contributors.
  • Bernard de Wit of Regreener - Planting trees and supporting certified carbon offsetting projects on behalf of its users.


  • Veronique De Bruijn of Photanol - Using cyanobacteria to photosynthesise carbon dioxide into renewable chemicals.

Climate Education

  • Buster Franken of FruitPunch AI - Educating a generation of AI engineers in the ethical and sustainable application of AI.

Climate Finance

  • Jacqueline van den Ende of Carbon Equity - An impact investing platform that gives investors small ticket access to leading climate private equity funds.
  • Katja Grothe-Eberhardt of Klimate.co - On a mission to scale the carbon removal industry by connecting projects and buyers with efficient financing.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

  • Robert Huppertz of Orbio Earth - Using cutting-edge satellite analytics to help oil and gas companies to reduce their methane emissions.
  • Konstantinos Kouzelis of Coolset - An automated decarbonisation platform for startups and SMEs, helping them to measure, analyse and reduce emissions.
  • Alexandre Larroumets & Pierre Blanchet of Meteory - Creators of a monitoring platform which enables its partners to gain a comprehensive understanding of carbon-related issues.
  • Alexander Gunkel of Space4Good - Using remote sensing, GIS and artificial intelligence to provide data on topics such as regenerative agriculture, tropical agroforestry management, air pollution and sustainable urban development.


  • Peter Versluijs of Emergo Prefab - Specialist in the development and production of prefab building components, such as prefab roofs, prefab walls, prefab dormer windows and prefab residential modules.
  • Johan Bel of Collectief Duurzame Daken - A collective with a passion for sustainable roofs.

Energy Optimisation

  • Casper Peeters of E-magy - Producing a silicon material for EV batteries, which has a nanoscale porous structure, preventing batteries from swelling and breaking, and delivers 40% higher energy density and enables faster charging than graphite.
  • Luuk Veeken of Dexter - Offering AI-based forecasting and trading services to reduce imbalance on the electricity grid.
  • Guido Dalessi of Elestor - Providing an innovative electricity storage technology for large scale stationary applications, based on the flow battery principle.
  • Christian Rood of LeydenJar Technologies - Developing a 100% Silicon anode that boosts the energy density of Li-ion batteries for use in consumer electronics, automotive and specialty applications.
  • Simon Bushell of Sympower - Balancing the grid by temporarily adjusting the power of machines and processes through its advanced and automated demand response capabilities.
  • Erik Jan vd Worp of 2Solar Software - Making doing business in the solar panel market easy.
  • Ruud Nijs of GIGA Storage - Creating large-scale sustainable energy storage.

Energy Production

  • Cees Mager of Triple Solar - Inventor of the PVT heat pump and associated PVT heat pump panels.
  • Dirk Kronemeijer of GoodFuels - Creator of a one-stop shop for marine industry customers, integrating the entire supply chain for sustainable marine biofuels.
  • Aart van den Beukel of Safisana - Reusing waste as a resource to produce biogas and organic fertiliser.
  • Kevin Verpaalen of Kameleon Solar - Manufacturer and designer of coloured, custom-made solar panels for façades, BIPV, and other applications.
  • Mark Verhagen of RIFT - Developing Iron Fuel Technology™ to reduce the carbon impact of energy-intensive industries.
  • Max Aerts of DENS - Developing and building machines which store and regenerate renewable energy regardless of time and place.
  • Alexander Suma of IBIS Power - Combining solar and wind energy technologies to make highly efficient, integrated and architecturally beautiful renewable energy solutions.
  • Guido de Jong of Big Ass Battery - Creator of mobile clean energy storage solutions that combine high power with a small footprint.
  • Karl McGoldrick of LionVolt - On a mission to develop and scale 3D solid-state batteries that deliver high performance, fast charging, intrinsic safety, and are sustainable.
  • Pim Lucassen of TouchWind - Its low-cost floating wind turbine has a one piece rotor, meaning lower costs and more energy.
  • Jan Vesseur of Solarge - Manufacturer of low carbon, circular and lightweight solar panels.
  • Wim van de Wall of ZigZagSolar - Producing high yield, vertically integrated solar walls for new builds and renovation projects.


  • Rob ten Hoove of Manufy - The first Europe-only sustainable sourcing marketplace creating a more sustainable and transparent fashion industry.
  • Anastasia Kuskova of Sirius - Helping small brands and factories to build a truly sustainable fashion industry.


  • Adnan Oner of Farmless - Turning renewable energy into food through fermentation, using e-methanol, green ammonia and minerals as feedstocks to create a single-cell protein for human consumption.
  • Daan Luining of Meatable - Delivering cultivated meat that looks like, tastes like, and has the nutritional profile of conventional meat – at scale.
  • Maarten Bosch of Mosa Meat - Creator of the world’s first cultivated meat burger, now scaling processes ahead of commercialisation.
  • Corjan van den Berg of revyve - Producing simple, sustainable ingredients from circularly sourced microbial biomass like brewers yeast.
  • Cristina Prat of FUL Foods - Using microalgae to create sustainable, nourishing and delicious food products.
  • Birgit Dekkers of Rival Foods - Developing plant-based whole-cuts that deliver “unprecedented” texture, taste and juiciness.
  • Kianti Figler of Upstream Foods - Using cell-culture methods to make the fats that provide the complex flavours, oily mouthfeel, and health benefits that people love about traditional seafood.
  • Thijs Wullems of Monkeys By The Sea - Building a global plant-based seafood brand, with products including plant-based tuna and plant-based crispy cod bites.
  • Tessa Rijn of SnackFuture - Creating healthy and tasty snacking alternatives.

Food Waste

  • Marco Snikkers of OneThird - Its AI platform reviews data from optical sensors attached to a smartphone, which ‘look’ inside fruit and vegetables and analyse their content, to accurately predict days until spoilage in real time.
  • Ahmer Ashraf of SavFood - Fighting food waste by developing new and innovative products from excess produce, potential waste and residual flows from the food processing industry.
  • Olaf van der Veen of Orbisk - Helping professional kitchens to get a grip on their food waste with its fully automated food waste monitor.


  • Axel Dekker of Packaly - A last mile delivery platform that combines businesses and their customers with a on-demand delivery service.
  • Karel Hoeben of City Hub - Providing smart urban storage for green city logistics.


  • David De Jong of VonWood - Its platform provides insight into the origin, quality and sustainability of wood for the timber industry.
  • Bob Hendrikx of Loop Biotech - Creator of a living mycelium-based coffin that enables people to enrich the soil and allow new seedlings to thrive.
  • Marissa de Boer of SusPhos - Upcycling phosphate-rich waste streams to generate high-quality alternatives to current fossil-sourced flame retardants and fertilisers.
  • Lars Langhout of NoPalm Ingredients - "Brewing" tailor-made fermented oils and fats to create high quality, sustainable, local and circular alternatives to palm oil in food, cosmetics and detergent products.
  • Bart van der Woerd of Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete - Developing bio-based products that make concrete more sustainable, durable and waterproof.
  • Tonnis Hooghoudt of Ioniqa Technologies - Transforming all types and colors of PET waste into valuable resources for ‘virgin-quality’ new PET.


  • Tommaso Troiani of Byewaste - A consumer app that offers upcycling and recycling of unwanted goods.


  • Remco Samuels of EVBox - Manufacturing and distributing electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software.
  • Jan-Willem Heinen of Maeve Aerospace - Building the world's first all-electric, zero-emission regional commuter aircraft.
  • Gideon van Dijk of Chargetrip - The world’s leading range prediction and EV routing engine for private drivers and commercial fleets.
  • Alex Pap of XYZ Dynamics - Developing electric powertrains and powertrain components that serve as retrofit packages.
  • Edward Bongers of GoodMoovs - Making sharing electric vehicles easy, reliable and accessible from your smartphone.
  • Josef Mouris of ELECTRON aerospace - Building aircraft that fly without emissions.

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100+ Swedish Climate Tech Startups To Know
From Energy Production to AgriFood, Transport to Materials

Next in our climate mapping series: Sweden. We asked LinkedIn for the Swedish climate tech founders you need to know. For a country of just 10.4M people, we were surprised to see the Swedish climate tech scene is overflowing with incredible companies, especially in deep tech.

If there’s someone you think we’ve missed, please add them to the comments here so we can get this updated.

A few observations:

  • Sweden has a strong climate tech presence supported by an active entrepreneurial ecosystem and largely funded by local investors.
  • Energy Optimization and Energy Production are particularly well represented followed by Food and Ag, then Transport.
  • The average age of CEO’s is older than those in our lists of Switzerland, France, UK and Germany.
  • Many of the CEO’s bring with them years of operational experience working prior in non-climate tech, banking or corporate sector.
  • Swedish companies have done well in attracting global VC attention from some of top funds across Europe and US.
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  • Niklas Wallsargård of Improvin - Creator of Sweden’s climate performance platform helping agri-food companies measure, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their own value chain.
  • Maria Martinez of Agrodit - Using edge computing and AI to monitor crop conditions, provide accurate predictions, and facilitate easy decision-making to help farmers save up to 50% on irrigation water and costs while increasing crop yield by up to 40%.
  • Fredrik Åkerman of Volta Greentech - Battling global warming by using seaweed to make cows emit less methane gas.
  • Katja Lindvall & Peg Söderberg of Moving Floor - Creators of the first patented technology to perform automatic cleaning for livestock, designed to cut carbon footprint, water usage and ammonia emissions.
  • Per Karlsson of Vultus - Offering a satellite system for precision farming which enables farmers to grow healthier plants at a lower cost and with significantly reduced environmental harm.
  • Josh Bobrowsky of Ignitia - Using predictive artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms, and uninterrupted 3D multisource data to provide highly accurate weather forecasts for agriculture.

Carbon Credits

  • Cozette Wachtmeister-Zeito of Removement - Scaling the voluntary carbon market by making it transparent, data-based and structured.
  • Cecilia Lindén & Kalle Nilvér of GoClimate - Supporting UN-certified climate offset projects and highlighting easy ways to reduce your climate footprint.
  • Freddie Catlow of Planboo - Generating high quality carbon dioxide removal credits with biochar from bamboo and other plant waste.


  • Gustaf Forsberg of NitroCapt - Developing and selling production licenses for a new chemical process, SUNIFIX®, for the production of fossil-free nitrogen fertilisers and nitric acid.

Climate Finance

  • Nina Siemiatkowski of Milkywire - Connecting people and companies who want to change the world directly to the best grassroots nonprofits around the world doing real work in the field.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

  • Anton Unger of Klimato - Helping restaurants and foodservice providers to calculate, communicate and report the carbon footprint per dish.
  • Einar Bodström of ClimateView - Combining data and systemic analysis to enable cities to plan, manage and fund the transition to net zero.
  • David Bryngelsson of CarbonCloud - A web-based SaaS solution that enables detailed calculations of climate footprints of food products and production processes.
  • Andreas Liljendahl of Worldfavor - A sustainability platform that enables organisations worldwide to easily access, share, and leverage data to gain insights and make sustainable action possible.
  • Mathias Wikström of Doconomy - A leading index solution for CO2 and H2O emission calculations for payments and financial transactions.
  • Kristian Rönn of Normative.io - Providing science-based carbon accounting software and tailored advice from net zero experts.
  • Daniel Gadd of Position Green - Offering expertise within sustainability strategy, communication, software development, environmental studies, engineering and social sciences.
  • Helena Samsioe of GLOBHE - Offering accurate and actionable drone data from anywhere in the world, accessed through one single platform.
  • Gustaf Anselmsson of Gokind - A software company focused on driving sustainability in the world of finance.
  • Mattias Weerasooriya of Wellfish - Creating sustainability reports with an automated and easy to visualise process.

Energy Optimisation

  • Babak Tighnavard of DREM - Simplifying the deployment of heat pumps for residential properties.
  • Håkan Ludvigson of Eliq - A platform which uses machine learning to monitor energy usage and demand patterns, to produce analysis and visualisation of energy data.
  • Vanja Plicanic Samuelsson of Qoitech - Developing tools and solutions for the energy optimisation of battery-driven and energy-harvesting powered products.
  • David Forsberg of Bright Energy - Offering hourly-priced smart electricity combined with smart services to help optimise energy consumption.
  • Magnus Petersson & Katarina Tranäng of Dryft Sverige - A tech-enabled full-service provider for home energy efficiency, renovation and maintenance.
  • Sebastian Haglund of Rebase Energy - Empowering energy innovators with data and tools to optimally plan and operate distributed energy resources.
  • John Diklev of Flower - Operating and optimising its partners' energy assets to enable the transition towards renewable electricity.
  • Theo Wiman Ohlson of Enairon - Creator of a unique compressed air technology that creates competitive advantages in energy storage and energy efficiency.
  • Anton Frisk of Southern Lights - Developing web-based tools for design, simulation and techno-economical study of green hydrogen.
  • Åsa Nordström of Alelion Energy Systems AB – Enabling the sustainable use of energy through its lithium ion energy storage and intelligent control system solutions.
  • Eloisa D. of Enerpoly - Developing and manufacturing zinc-ion batteries to deliver breakthrough affordability in stationary energy storage.
  • Gustav Dafnäs of Enegic - Balancing power usage by measuring and collecting real time data of electricity production and consumption in all types of properties.

Energy Production

  • Giovanni Fili of Exeger - Creator of a unique solar cell technology that converts all forms of light into electrical energy, that can be seamlessly integrated into all products that benefit from being self-powered.
  • Lech Kaniuk of SunRoof - Manufacturing custom-engineered solar roofs with superior energy output and design.
  • Andreas Brannstrom of Better Energy - Operating renewable power plants that supply companies, cities and countries with green energy, plus a pipeline of over 7 GW of solar parks.
  • Henrik Boman of Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden - Developing, building and selling large-scale projects within solar and wind power and energy storage.
  • Jonas Stålhandske of Biofrigas Sweden - Creator of a technology which liquefies red gas into liquid biogas.
  • Otto Lundman & David Olivegren of Modvion - Building wind turbine towers made from laminated wood – “nature’s own carbon fibre”.
  • Erik Martinson of Svea Solar - The leading solar provider in Sweden, offering a complete energy solution for the customer including solar, batteries, car charging and electricity trading.
  • Patrik Möller of CorPower Ocean - Designing, manufacturing and operating wave energy farms inspired by the pumping principles of the human heart.
  • Torsten Granberg of Plagazi - Converting all types of waste into green hydrogen via plasma gasification.
  • Peter Ringstad of Ligna Energy - Creating sustainable bio-battery technology from forest residue materials and organic polymers in combination with a water-based electrolyte.
  • Sven Lindström of Midsummer - Producing light, thin and discreet solar panels that result in aesthetically pleasing solar roofs with a 90 % smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional solar panels.
  • Christian Jebrail of Mersol - Supplying private individuals, farms and companies with solutions to become more self-sufficient with solar energy.

Food - Alternative Protein

  • Ramkumar Nair of Mycorena - Developing sustainable mycelium-based solutions for the food industry, including its proprietary vegan mycoprotein with superior nutritional value in protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Annette Granéli of Green-On - Making sustainable ingredients from CO2 to replace unsustainable dairy fat, palm oil, and coconut oil.
  • Tom Johansson of Hooked Foods - Producing delicious plant-based seafood to support the transition to a healthier marine ecosystem.
  • Anastasia Krivoruchko of Melt&Marble - Using precision fermentation to produce animal-free fats for the alternative protein industry.
  • Elena Petukhovskaya of Big Akwa - Developing sustainable protein production using industrial waste from aquaculture.
  • Mohammad Taherzadeh of Millow - Producing meat alternatives from sustainable mycelium.
  • Andreas Karlsson of VEAT - Creator of vending machines filled with chef-prepared plant-based meals.
  • Sorosh Tavakoli of Stockeld Dreamery - Making delicious and nutritious cheeses from plants.
  • Simon Johansson of Nordic SeaFarm - Growing seaweed in a scalable, sustainable way for the food industry.
  • Katerina Cronstedt of Havredals - Developing plant-based foods, ranging from oat-based drinks and creams to burgers and minced meat.

Food & Beverage

  • Philip Marthinsen of Djuce - Hand-selected wines in cans, emitting 79% less CO2 vs glass bottles.
  • Anastasia Trofimova of Your Beet - Providing personalised plant-based nutrition to help shift the masses into sustainable eating.
  • Marie-Louise Dahl of Lunch.Co - A marketplace app where colleagues can buy and sell their home-cooked meals to each other.

Food Waste

  • Karl Andersson of Motatos - A food waste specialist offering surplus or short dated food from wholesalers and distributors at a bargain price.
  • Daniel Oddhammar of Generation Waste - Using training and analysis to help restaurants and kitchens in the public sector with food waste management.
  • Christian Pettersson of MEAL MAKERS - A marketplace for private and public kitchens to buy food that would otherwise have become food waste directly from producers.
  • Elsa Bernadotte of Karma - An app that connects restaurants, cafes and grocery stores with users so they can purchase unsold food at a lower price.
  • Vahid Sohrabpour of SAVEGGY - Producing a bio-based edible vegan coating that extends the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Jesper Jannesson of Stockfiller - Its co-delivery solution, Leap Delivery, has already resulted in 416 fewer deliveries per month to stores around Sweden.
  • Vendela Ragnarsson of Ribbn - The world's first AI-powered ecommerce platform designed to revolutionise the consignment industry.


  • Henrik Henriksson of H2 Green Steel - Using green hydrogen to accelerate decarbonisation of the European steel industry
  • Krisztina Kovacs-Schreiner of Lixea - Using waste wood and agricultural by-products, as well as sustainably grown biomass, to produce a greener alternative to today’s petrochemical industry.
  • Allen Mohammadi of PlasticFri® - Creating sustainable alternatives to plastic using plant-based and eco-friendly materials.
  • Marta Sjögren of Paebbl - Developing a carbon-negative material for the construction industry.
  • Max van der Mars, Tom Hackenberg & Simon Ziolkowski of Skosh - Innovating the surface cleaning liquid market with a high-quality reusable spray bottle and a non-toxic dissolvable tablet.
  • Sofie Allert of Swedish Algae Factory - Making functional materials from algae, for use in personal care and solar efficiency enhancement.
  • Johanna Nissén Karlsson of Vividye - Creator of a technology which makes it possible to apply all sorts of colours and designs to textiles, which can later be removed to re-apply new ones.
  • Nathalie Berezina of Norbite - Transforming plastic waste into sustainable goods using an insect-based biorefinery.


  • Clara Lidberg of Panter - Building a circular system for reusable takeaway containers and cups.
  • Karolina Ling-Vannerus of Circulate - Creator of a B2B marketplace for sustainable packaging, designed to help grow the “better packaging companies” of tomorrow.


  • Pernilla Westergren of petgood - Offering complete and balanced insect-based diets, as well as other innovative and sustainable products for both cats and dogs.


  • Edward Murray of GreenIron - Using patented technology to recycle valuable residuals from the mining, steel, foundry, and manufacturing industries.
  • Berfin Roza Mert & Suwar Mert of Bower - Creator of a “world-unique” mobile app that rewards recycling of all consumer packaging at regular recycling bins.


  • Anders Åkerlund of Deedster - A digital platform where you can challenge yourself and others to lead the change to more sustainable consumption.
  • Olivia Rothschild of Hyber - Revolutionising the way families consume children's clothes and products with its subscription-based rental platform.


  • Robert Falck of Einride - An industry-disrupting freight technology company providing end-to-end solutions for electric and autonomous shipping.
  • Essa Al-Saleh of Volta Trucks - Building a full electric truck specifically for use in and around cities and urban areas.
  • Jenny Keisu of X Shore - Creating 100% electric boats to revolutionise the maritime industry.
  • Klara Forslund of Heart Aerospace - Building the fastest, most affordable and sustainable mode of transport for regional air travel.
  • Rickard Bröms of Vässla Micromobility - Offering a subscription model for high-end electric bikes, tailored to individual needs.
  • Karin Ebbinghaus of Elonroad - Building electric roads which allow automatic charging while driving and when parked.
  • Stefan Ytterborn of CAKE - Developing light, quiet, and clean high-performance electric motorcycles and mopeds.
  • David Fauné of Northe Company - Providing drivers with an exceptional EV charging tool, and companies and charge point facilitators with simple payment solutions.
  • Gustav Hasselskog of Candela - Creator of an electrical boat with the same speed and range as a fossil fuel-powered boat.
  • Tim Schulz of Peak Energy - Developing smart software solutions for EV charging in order to reduce its climate impact and help EV drivers save up to 70% on electricity costs.
  • Tomas Grönqvist of MIOO - A bike repair app designed to make at-home bike services easier than ever.


  • Isabella Palmgren of Mimbly - Creator of an add-on water recycling system that works with industrial washing machines.
  • Niklas Wicén of Aqua Robur Technologies - Helping water utilities to gain control of their water networks by providing flexible and cost-efficient IoT solutions.
  • Simon Isaksson of Retein - Using a patented molecular separation technology to recover high-purity raw materials like lithium, nutrients, and pure water from any accessible water.
  • Emma Hanaeus of Atium - Operating reusable filter technology that allows selective removal of toxic mercury from water, in a more effective and cost-efficient way than ever before.


  • Sára Nožková of FLOX - Creator of the world's first autonomous wildlife management provider that helps humans and wildlife to coexist.

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100+ German Climate Tech Startups To Know
From Energy and Food, to Materials and Transport

We took to LinkedIn again to round up the German climate tech CEO’s you really need to know. We knew the German climate tech scene was impressive, but this list is bigger than we could ever have imagined 🇩🇪

A few observations:

  • Berlin is clearly Germany’s climate hotspot, with over half of the listed companies are based out of the country’s capital city.
  • Hard Tech representation is strong, with Energy, Food, Materials and Transport making up the bulk of Germany’s climate scene.
  • There’s plenty of capital to go around, with many of the top European climate funds being headquartered in Germany.
  • There’s deep experience at play, with several of the founders of these companies having previously started or worked at German unicorns.

If there’s someone you think we’ve missed, please add them to the list here.


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  • Robert Gerlach & Nina Mannheimer of Klim - Creators of a digital companion for farmers that enables them to transition to regenerative agriculture at scale.
  • David Gebhard of Aquapurna - Designer of a cutting-edge SmartReef System that allows sustainable land based shrimp farming.
  • Marc Weimer-Hablitzel of Hortiya - Building AI for greenhouses to give crops the right level of light, climate and nutrition only when they are ready to use it.
  • Philippe Birker & Ivo Degn of Climate Farmers - Implementing and supporting regenerative agriculture practices.


  • Inas Nureldin of Tomorrow - Creator of the "bank of tomorrow"​, with a positive social and environmental footprint in all of its products and services.
  • Sana Al-Badri of SageWealth - Building the first sustainable & digital private bank for Millennials.
  • Ferdinand Dabitz of Ivy - Offering climate action with every financial transaction, planting trees on behalf of consumers.

Carbon Capture

  • René Haas of NeoCarbon - Developing Direct Air Capture kits that can be retrofitted inside working cooling towers in the European industrial sector.
  • Florian Hildebrand of Greenlyte Carbon Technologies - Operating a low energy DAC approach to capture CO2 while generating hydrogen as a byproduct.
  • Venna Lepel & Caspar Ziegner of Novocarbo - Permanently removing CO2 from the atmosphere to create sustainable products.
  • Florian Tiller of Ucaneo - Creator of a Direct Air Capture technology that leverages a biocatalytic membrane to capture CO2 from the air.
  • Jörg Spitzner of DACMa - Manufacturing machines that capture CO2 from the air and store it for use as a valuable raw material for the production of powerfuels.

Carbon Credits

  • Adrian Wons of Senken - The world’s first gateway to on-chain carbon credits from verified climate projects.
  • Dr. Gesa Biermann of Pina Earth - Enabling forest owners to participate in the voluntary carbon market by digitising the manual certification process, aided by remote sensing and artificial intelligence.
  • Wilhelm Hammes of PLANTED - Planting mixed forests in Germany and offsetting the ecological footprint of its subscribers by purchasing CO2 certificates from selected eco-social projects.
  • Dr. Oliver Krause of FUEL-SWAP - Building the web3 marketplace for Carbon Neutral Fuel.
  • Ruth von Heusinger of ForTomorrow - Offering offsetting solutions such as tree planting in Germany and buying European emissions rights.
  • Robin Klemens of KUMO - A decentralised protocol that enables interest-free loans against natural assets like carbon tokens.
  • Frederick Leuschner of GreenTrade Impact GmBH - Funding of nature-based solutions through on-chain forward contracts to enable a climate-positive future.


  • Sonja Jost of DUDE CHEM - A leader in green chemical manufacturing for pharmaceuticals.
  • Christian Vollmann of C1 Green Chemicals AG - Developing new, climate-friendly chemical production processes by rethinking chemical reactions from the atomic level all the way up to production scale.

Climate Finance

  • Jerome Cochet & David Diallo of goodcarbon - Reinventing the way in which climate tech companies access funding with a platform that connects projects, investors, and businesses.
  • Shilpika Gautam of SALT Climate Tech - a financing platform for high-quality global climate projects.
  • Christian-Hauke Poensgen & Till Tornieporth of Maya Climate - Accelerating investments in Nature-based Solutions to unlock high integrity restoration & conservation projects for environmental markets.
  • Trutz von der Trenck & Dr. Johann Meyer zu Bentrup of green account - Developing business models to support investing large-scale private-sector capital in climate tech.
  • Daniel Vetterkind & Anton Güthe of recarb - Creating a new standard for carbon markets and a new asset class with an inner stored CO2e value.

Climate Strategy

  • Benjamin Vogel of Nayture - A global consulting firm helping small and medium-sized enterprises with their sustainable business transformation.
  • Lukas Vogt of Sunhat - An automation-focused software company founded to rethink sustainability compliance from the ground up.
  • Neil Dsouza of Makersite - Providing AI, data and apps for sustainable product and supply chain decisions at scale.
  • Prof. Dr. Martin R. Stuchtey of The Landbanking Group - A moonshot project to revolutionise the way land is being valued and used by land stewards.
  • Sonja Radovic-Paul of Codio Impact - Automating the ways businesses manage and report Environmental, Social, Governance data, while ensuring they remain fully compliant with the newest regulations and leading standards.
  • Christoph Goeken of House of Change - Helping organisations understand and get ahead of all important sustainability regulation and developments, tailored to their context.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

  • Eric Oancea of Root Global - Helping companies along the food value chain make business decisions that lead to sustainable carbon reduction and climate-friendlier consumer products.
  • Hessam Lavi & Philipp von Bieberstein of Climatiq - Developing an open dataset of global emission data and the technical infrastructure businesses need to realise meaningful reductions to their climate footprint.
  • Lubomila Jordanova of Plan A - Helping businesses achieve net-zero with a SaaS platform for carbon accounting, decarbonisation and ESG reporting.
  • Yasha Tarani & Lara Obst of The Climate Choice - A B2B data platform which offers businesses access to climate performance data from across their value chain.
  • Till Wiechmann & Gyri Reiersen of Tanso - Leveraging the power of data to enable companies to decarbonise.
  • Dijana Galijasevic of GROW MY TREE powered by Impact Hero - Supporting businesses in preventative environmental action, including planting trees.
  • Tristan A. Foerster of ClimatePartner - Combining individual consulting with a cloud-based software to support corporate climate action.
  • Namrata Sandhu & Luca Nils Schmid of Vaayu - Creators of an automated carbon software which empowers retailers to calculate and cut emissions in real-time.
  • Hannah Helmke of right° - Offering software and metrics that enable stakeholders to plot pathways to 1.5°C alignment.
  • Robin Spickers of carbmee - An enterprise software solution for value chain carbon management, specialising in Scope 3 emissions analysis and reduction.
  • Julius Pröll of repath - Enabling organisations to identify, understand and manage increasing future climate risks of locations and assets.
  • Satya Kamal Raparthi of Daato - An holistic ESG management platform for enterprises of all sizes.


  • Dr. Mario Schmitt of ecoLocked - Creator of concrete admix materials designed to reduce embodied CO2 and turn buildings into stable carbon sinks.
  • Leopold Spenner of alcemy - Providing data-driven technology to enable customers to produce low-carbon-concrete reliably and at scale.

Energy Optimisation - Consumer

  • Matthias Martensen of Ostrom - An energy management platform that makes green electricity affordable and straightforward for households in Germany and Europe.
  • Emanuel Heisenberg of ecoworks - Modernising homes into “small, decentralised power plants” by installing photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and thermal reservoirs.
  • Knut Hechtfischer & Dr. Arwen Colell of decarbon1ze GmbH - Developing smart solutions for metering and billing the consumption of individual electric appliances.
  • Philipp A. Pausder of thermondo - Germany’s largest smart heating installer.
  • Christian Deilmann of tado° - Creating solutions that optimise energy consumption at home without sacrificing comfort.
  • Ernesto Garnier of EINHUNDERT - Using innovative software and standardised processes to roll out cost-efficient tenant power across building portfolios.

Energy Optimisation - Corporate

  • Kai Klapdor & Pascal Benoit of ENIT - Creators of a smart data fusion and energy control system specifically tailored for SMEs to reduce energy consumption and enable Industry 4.0 applications.
  • Philipp Schröder of 1KOMMA5° - Working in photovoltaics, electricity storage, charging infrastructure and heat pumps.
  • Timur Sirman & Maximilian Fries of MAGNOTHERM - Developing highly efficient and sustainable cooling / heating solutions based on magnetic materials.
  • Steffen Schülzchen of Entrix - Providing an AI-enabled optimisation and fully automated trading platform for grid-scale battery storage.
  • Jan Rabe of Rabot Charge - Creator of an AI-based algorithm that optimises plannable electricity consumption with regard to current electricity prices and existing green electricity capacities.
  • Dr. Karsten Schmidt of AMPEERS ENERGY - Developing smart solutions for climate-neutral real estate.
  • Peter Kordt of LUMENION - A ​patented steel-based combined heat and power storage system that absorbs renewable power peaks and reliably supplies power and heat as required.
  • Julian Schulz of metergrid - Developing innovative SaaS products for specific issues within decentralized energy systems.
  • Dr. Marten V. of Noocoon - Offering SaaS for smart and climate-neutral buildings.
  • Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies of ACCURE Battery Intelligence - Improving the safety, reliability and longevity of battery systems through cloud computing.
  • Ruben Haas of Comgy - Making buildings climate-neutral through intelligent energy data solutions.
  • Dr. Frank Schlichting of Kiwigrid - Enabling an all-electric world powered by 100 % renewable energy.
  • Christian Chudoba of Lumenaza - Developing powerful software to connect producers and consumers of green distributed energy.
  • Hendrik Schaede-Bodenschatz of Adaptive Balancing Power - Developing, manufacturing and distributing an innovative energy storage system for high power applications.
  • Melchior Schulze Brock of ENVIRIA - Boosting B2B participation in the clean energy transition, starting with solar.
  • Lucas Elias Kuepper of Kerith - Using data to enable a global energy transition towards affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy systems.

Energy Production

  • Mario Kohle of Enpal - The first green unicorn in Germany and the fastest-growing energy company in Europe.
  • Andi Weiß & Frederik Pfisterer of Solarize - Striving to be the number one SaaS for on-site energy production, distribution and billing in commercial microgrids.
  • Stephan von Bothmer of UHRIG Gruppe - Making the energy in wastewater usable for the heating and cooling of buildings.
  • Nils Aldag of Sunfire GmBH - Developing and manufacturing electrolysers based on SOEC and Alkaline technologies that enable sustainable and cost-effective production of renewable hydrogen, syngas and e-Fuel.
  • Wei Wu of Heatrix - On a mission to replace fossil fuels in energy-intensive industries by converting renewable electricity into storable, high-temperature process heat.
  • Nina Heine of SHIT2POWER - Turning wastewater treatment plants into renewable power plants.
  • Moritz von der Linden of Marvel Fusion - Developing a laser-driven fusion power plant.
  • Stephan Herrmann of Reverion - Providing an all-in-one biogas solution that comes as a containerised standard unit.
  • Tim Boeltken of INERATEC - Creating sustainable, CO2-neutral and affordable e-fuels & e-products for everyone.
  • Peik Stenlund of Circular Carbon - Using biomass waste to generate renewable energy and valuable biochar products.
  • Timon Herzog of GRIPS Energy - Enabling easy and risk-free access to clean and competitive energy for commercial and industrial companies in Africa and beyond.
  • Lucas Josten of Energyze - Working to make green energy at home affordable for everyone.
  • Alexander Sohl of ME Energy - Liquid Electricity - Offering a 150kW fast, off-grid charging station that generates electricity internally to provide power where it is needed.
  • Karl Dienst of Wegatech - Offering a digital, simple, fast and transparent way to the renewable energy system.
  • Jan-Justus Schmidt of Enapter - Making AEM Electrolysers for low-cost green hydrogen at any scale.
  • Andreas Sichert of Orcan Energy - Offering products, components and turnkey solutions to convert waste heat into CO2-free electrical power.

Energy Production - Solar

  • Christopher Cederskog of Sunhero - On a mission to provide easy and affordable access to high quality residential rooftop solar energy.
  • Moritz Hau & Michael Aigner of EIGENSONNE - Selling and renting tailor-made solar systems directly to consumers.
  • Qian Qin of We Do Solar - Creator of a self-installable and lightweight smart balcony solar set.
  • Davor Sutija of NexWafe - Designing and developing engineered green solar wafer production processes to make PV more sustainable and efficient.
  • Kai Buntrock of autarq - Producing all-in-one solar tiles to turn roofs into mini powerhouses.
  • Caspar Bayer & Christian Zellmer of Golfstrom Energy - Creators of a solar-as-a-service leasing platform for homeowners.
  • Sebastian Schmidt & Wolfgang Röbig of GIGA.GREEN - Building Germany's largest decentralised solar power plant.


  • Mazen Rizk of Mushlabs - Using fermentation and fungi to create the next generation of sustainable foods.
  • Raffael Wohlgensinger of Formo - Developing animal-free dairy products using nature-identical milk proteins created via precision fermentation.
  • Jan Wilmking of Project Eaden - Producing plant-based protein fibres that mimic the texture and appearance of those of animal meats.
  • Isabella Iglesias-Musachio of Bosque Foods - Creating clean-label, minimally-processed, whole-cut meat and fish alternatives grown naturally from fungal mycelium.
  • Raphael Fellmer of Sirplus - Offering subscription boxes filled with high quality surplus produce rescued from farmers or producers.
  • Eugenia Sagué & George Zheleznyi of Cultimate - Creating a game-changing cultivated fat technology to provide alternative meats with authentic taste and texture.
  • Frank Riedel of Mondarella - Making super-tasty, clean-label, plant-based cheese of high nutritional value.
  • Anton Pluschke of Ordinary Seafood - Using the power of plant protein and biotechnology to deliver the next generation of delicious and sustainable seafood.
  • Deniz Ficicioglu & Jacob von Manteuffel of Bettaf!sh - A seaweed company making authentic-tasting vegan tuna.
  • Dr. Sebastian Rakers of Bluu Seafood - Developing cultivated seafood from fish cells.
  • Tim Fronzek of Nosh.bio - Developing superior technical functional ingredients from microbial biomass for the food industry.
  • Eldad Arnon of tupu - locally cultivating gourmet mushrooms, cutting supply chain emissions and plastic packaging.
  • Katelijne Bekers of MicroHarvest - Producing healthy, tasty protein sustainably using the power of microorganisms.
  • Daniel MacGowan von Holstein of Kynda - Producing mycelium-based protein, but also providing companies with infrastructure and operational support for their own biomass fermentation.


  • David Dohmen & Christian Decher of OCELL - Building the Operating System of sustainable forestry.
  • Ole Seidenberg of Skyseed - Combining drones, pelletized seeds and knowledge about forest-ecology to deliver smart and sustainable reforestation.
  • Carsten Brinkschulte of Dryad Networks - Using solar-powered gas sensors in a large-scale IoT sensor network to provide ultra-early detection of wildfires plus health and growth-monitoring of forests.
  • Thomas Grübler of OroraTech - A thermal data intelligence company whose wildfire solution is designed for early detection of hotspots and monitoring of areas at risk of wildfires.


  • Rytis Jakubauskas of Palmo - Building the software layer for city logistics that will allow shippers to connect to a single API and get parcels moved seamlessly and sustainably through major cities at a fraction of today's cost.


  • Allison Dring of Made of Air - Transforming waste biomass into high-value, carbon negative materials for industrial use.
  • Firas Khalifeh of Carbon Mobile - Developing advanced composites to create the sustainable, lighter, thinner and stronger connected devices of the future.
  • Mitchell Duffy of Cambrium - Using molecular design technology to create next-generation biomaterials.
  • Torsten Becker of carbonauten - Creating CO2-lowering biocarbons with different binders.
  • Laura Petry of MY-FU - Developing mycelium-based solutions that represent true sustainable and regenerative alternatives to conventional materials.


  • Martin Weber of one • fıve - Creating biomaterials that it claims can reduce carbon emissions of the packaging industry “by up to 76%”.
  • Anne Lamp of traceless materials - Using agricultural industry by-products to produce biodegradable, storage-stable films, rigid materials and coatings.
  • Kirils J. of circolution - Providing smart reusable packaging solutions to help packaged food producers reduce waste.
  • Anastasia Albert of Grico - Creator of a fully-biodegradable plastic alternative without the limitations of conventional bioplastic.


  • Christian Schiller of cirplus - A global marketplace for recyclates and plastic waste feedstock.
  • Vivian Loftin of Recyda GmBH - Helping companies along the packaging value chain assess recyclability with software and data.
  • Thomas Gros of circulee - Offering sustainable IT equipment with an innovative circular model.
  • Sarah Fleischer of tozero - Claims to be Europe’s first lithium-ion battery recycling startup.
  • Michael Rudolf Heuschkel of FLAXRES - Creator of recycling technology for electronic waste.
  • Michael Pfeifer of MOOT - Upcycling textile waste into new clothing, such as shirts made from bed linen, jackets made from blankets or bags made from sofa cushion covers.
  • Luciano Guido of Solar Outdoor Media - Its cutting-edge Solar Wi-Fi Eco Bin® AI revolutionises recycling and waste management.
  • Gary Lewis of Resourcify - A recycling platform that enables businesses to manage, track and improve their recycling, while cutting costs and admin.


  • Evoléna de Wilde d'Estmael of Faircado - Developer of a Chrome extension that automatically finds the best second-hand alternatives for exactly what you're looking for online.
  • Julius Kuschke of Choosy - A personalised meal planning and grocery shopping assistant that makes forming healthy and sustainable eating habits effortless.
  • Felix Grünziger of FoodTogether - Develop tools and services that help consumers to buy food in a sustainable and values-based manner and support producers in sustainable food production.


  • Tobias Wagner of ChargeX - Developer of a “state-of-the-art” charging solution for electric vehicles.
  • Luis Orsini-Rosenberg of CYCLE - A subscription-based platform for e-bikes, designed to support sustainable last-mile delivery.
  • Thomas Hecker of 800 Volt Technologies - The team behind PUMP, the iOS app for charging infrastructure for electric vehicle drivers.
  • Dr. Mathias Bösl of Spark e-Fuels - Working on bringing CO2-neutral e-fuels into the aviation industry.
  • Claudio Geyken of RiDERgy - Creating technology to efficiently electrify and charge fleets, from commercial trucks to passenger vehicles.
  • Chris Cardé of HeyCharge - Revolutionising the electric vehicle charging industry with a hardware-enabled SaaS solution.
  • Alexej Habinski of ANYMOVE - ​​An innovative electric car rental service that offers a 100% digital process and guarantees vehicles for rent within walking distance.
  • René Braun of RYDES - Enabling sustainable mobility flexibility for company employees.
  • Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss of Dance - Offering a subscription service for ebikes.
  • Joerg Heuer of EcoG - Empowering the world‘s electric vehicle charging network with technology to enable fast charging infrastructure growth.


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